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Who Were The Nephilim Giants?

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by Conscious Reminder

Even though a lot of people believe that the Archangel Gabriel killed the Nephilim, as his God commanded him, there could be some of them left alive.

There are a lot of theories which believe that a couple of Nephilim survived, meaning that their offspring are living among us in the present day.

Hence, the chances that we already met some of them in person are high. If we aren’t sure, here are some characteristics which might convince us that the person was an offspring of Nephilim, or a Nephilim itself.

Recognizing a Nephilim – how to do that?

It is quite simple to recognize those Nephilim of our Bible. They are, in fact, Giants. These giants are evil, and monsters thirsty for blood. From a physical point of view, they weren’t different than people.

However, the impressive height they had was the most significant difference. In fact, Nephilim is an offspring of those called The Watchers, who mated with human females.

However, it is said that the Bible’s Nephilim is not alive today, as Archangel Gabriel killed them all before the appearing of the flood.

As they were not natural creatures, the Nephilim hadn’t had a place where they could rest in peace.

Their souls also became the ones we know today as Demons, which are evil spirits which torment humankind.

The belief that the Nephilim still live among us nowadays come from spiritual communities. Different mediums and psychics state that they are able to recognize a Nephilim or people that have Nephilim ancestry.

Moreover, they say that the Nephilim aren’t Giants at all. They possess physical differences; however, those aren’t quite easy to spot. And, there are also those that look like some unearthly and beautiful humans.

Furthermore, according to psychics that encountered them, their eyes have the shape of an almond, and they are wide-spaced, while their ears are pointy. This is what actually makes them look like fairies.

A Nephilim can most easily be recognized by observing how it behaves. According to some, they behave too controlled, unnaturally, and quite strangely.

They can’t be understood quite easily too, as they have different body language from one of the humans. They are usually confused by everything that surrounds them.

According to a person named Travis Sanders, a lot of Nephilim look simply like we do, and most of the time, they are not aware of the fact what they are, unless they encounter the right trigger which will bring clearance.

Have you ever had the chance to meet Nephilim in person? What do you think, do they exist nowadays?

Although we are not sure if they still exist or not, they become more and more popular in the culture of today.

We can found them in series, movies, books, or comic books too. Hence, they excite our imagination and mind.

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