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6 Soothing Essential Oils To Supercharge Your Spiritual Awakening

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by Conscious Reminder

The use of essential oils in spiritual awakening practices is not something new. A lot of religions and cultures used various essential oils in order to reach the process of spiritual awakening.

In India, for instance, the people used incense for thousands of years in Hindu temples. Moreover, Muslims purify the mosques with scented water and essential oil.

Buddhist monks also used incense sticks. Even Native Americans were smudging cedar and sage.

Hence, the use of essential oils of different types for this purpose is something normal in almost every culture or religion.

Cultures and Religions utilized the following six oils in order to awake spiritual and get much closer to The Divine too:

Lavender oil

The lavender essential oil will calm and soothe our mind. Hence, it will make it easier when it comes to calming our thoughts at the time of meditation.

However, lavender will also bring mental, physical, spiritual and emotional harmony. Moreover, it will deeply cleanse our spirit and body, preparing them for spiritual practices.


This is another potent essential oil which helps us in breathing. It will help us take slower and more profound breaths.

It will cleanse our respiratory pathways or the entire energetic body from every blockage. Frankincense is actually one of the most potent oils for the spiritual awakening process. 


This is an essential oil which helps in the grounding process. Hence, it will be quite helpful in our meditation.

The sandalwood will connect to our base chakra, making sure that we are quite well-grounder, whereas we are discovering the spiritual world.

Moreover, it will connect with our crown chakra, the one that has the responsibility for the connections we make with the cosmos and The Divine.

Cedar wood

This essential oil is not just a cleanser; it is also a purifying and healing one. The cedar wood will remove blockages from our energetic body and aura. Moreover, it will purify us on the emotional plan.

Hence, it will detoxify us of negative energies and thoughts, worries, anxiety, and fears. It will purify us from the inside and the outside. It will even prepare us to discover our higher self. The cedar wood essential oil will bring us calmness and peace during meditation and prayer.


The spikenard is a potent essential oil which is utilized for emotional healing from a long ago. It will purify our soul, and help us to forgive other people or release our fears. The spikenard will fill us with hope, balance, calmness, and courage.


This is an essential oil which is said to be a spiritual healer. In fact, it is going to bring harmony to our spirit.

The rosewood will calm us and help us quickly get more profound in our meditation, without even struggling with some unwanted thoughts. The oil will also fill us with a strong feeling of being safe and protected.

These six potent essential oils used for the process of spiritual awakening, will be an enjoyable way of healing emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Also, they are going to relax and calm our mind, so that we can then concentrate on our spiritual growth.

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