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Is It Possible For You To Be Cursed By Someone?

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Can another person actually curse you or throw some negative vibes at you to disrupt your life? Sadly, the truth is that they can but you can still protect yourself from any adverse effects they might wish to cause. 

We all know that positive thoughts and vibrations can be sent throughout the Universe and in the same way, we can also put out bad vibes and thoughts. This can either be intentional, or unintentional. 

If you ever catch yourself criticizing someone in your thoughts or when you are envious of them, you are, in essence, casting negative vibrations at them. Not only does this affect them, it also affects their surroundings and most importantly, it even acts as a damper on your own energy. You’re affecting the vibrations of all of Earth in its entirety. 

Putting out negative vibrations or cursing another person has wide spread ramifications so it is always better to keep your thoughts as positive as you can. As the saying goes – ‘what goes around comes around.’

Therefore, someone can curse you or radiate some negative vibrations at you but this can affect you only if your consciousness is not elevated. If the frequency of your own vibrations is more than theirs, you can put up some shields to guard yourself against harm. 

But if you are vibrating at a lower level and if you let yourself to be scared, you’ll be able to sense the negative vibrations. While they may not be strong enough to hurt you, you will find it more difficult to fend off darkness and negativity. 

Have you noticed that when you aren’t in a good mood, even the smallest of negative things can really affect you but when your mood is elevated, you don’t even pay attention to those things? This is because vibrating at a higher frequency alters your perception of the world and it becomes difficult to set you back. 

While there’s a lot you can do to increase the frequency of your vibrations and elevate your consciousness, in the meantime, if you get a feel that someone is out to get you, just follow these steps to ensure that you aren’t affected:

Deflecting Curses And Negative Vibrations

1. Seat yourself comfortably and keep your eyes closed. Think of a wonderful white light and let that light envelope your whole being including all the energy radiating from you. 

2. When you’ve visualized this clearly, picture the curse or the negative vibrations as a thick, grey fog descending upon you. Picture the face of the person who sent it towards you if you know who it is. 

3. Imagine that your brilliant light is guarding you against that fog and that the fog cannot find any way past it. Then visualize yourself holding the fog or the person who would wish you ill. Allow your light to enter them and purify them of their toxic thoughts. Turn the fog into a while light as brilliant as yours. Imagine that the person is also turning into light. 

4. When you hold on to them, apologize and ask for their forgiveness. Let them know that they are loved. 

5. Once all this is done, take a step away from all their energy. Imagine that you are safe inside the white lights. Tell yourself that the Divine Energy is constantly protecting you. 

Though this ritual sounds very easy, it is powerful and it can cleanse any negativity that is trying to attack you. It will also purify you of any bad thoughts. 

Don’t allow your fear to overwhelm you. People can only hurt you if you let them. Understand that you have complete control over your energy shields.

If you feel like you need help, reach out to your guardian angel or to other spiritual entities who might be willing to help. 

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