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Chiron Moves Into Aries February 18th: Time For Your Wounds To Heal

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by Conscious Reminder

On the 18th of February, 2019, Chiron is going to enter in the sign of Aries, and it will stay in it until 2027.

We all know that Aries is actually the first Zodiac sign, and it is said to be the beginning point of every single thing. Aries is right where new stories begin.

This sign is the affirmative YES which we often say to our life. It is the affirmation of humankind. Every one of us came into the world for some specific reason. Aries is aware of the fact that every one of us has a particular mission or purpose.

Chiron is said to be the Wounded Healer of our Zodiac. In fact, there is a lot more depth related to it, and during the following several days, you will read a lot of posts about the unbelievable and incredible potential that you may unleash when embracing your Chiron.

A lot of people are not going to play big in their lives as they will be afraid and they will not believe that their existence really matters, or that they may really make a huge difference in the world.

There is nothing which may be far away from truth; however, the wound around their existence, the uncertainty, the constant doubt is the way of Chiron of asking people to look more profoundly inside them and face their profound truths, when it comes to what makes them humans, or what makes them unique and special.

Chiron wants to make people see that they are beautiful and that their real nature is their beauty, which means that they are beautiful even when they are tired.

Chiron: The Wounded Healer, the Shaman, the Alchemist.

In fact, Chironic development occurs in three stages: The Wounded Healer, the Shaman, and the Alchemist. The first one is the discoverer of the wound, while the Shaman is the healer. And, the last one, the Alchemist, is the one that transforms the wound into something more significant.

Moreover, the Alchemist was said to be the final expression of human potential, and the main reason why every one of us is here. However, Alchemists will only become Alchemists when they are firstly Wounded Healers, and Shamans.

So, Chiron in the sign of Aries will arrive to tell people that their existence really matters. And not just that, but that it is necessary too. They have their duties and missions to accomplish, so they will not feel alive unless they take full responsibility for their special purpose.

They have to be aware of the fact that this world needs them as they have a special gift which the rest of the people don’t. And, Chiron will be the way of finding the gift. The KEY is without any doubt the symbol of Chiron. People will have to put the key in the lock in order to open the needed door.

However, one of the best ways of understanding Chiron would be through stories. In fact, in the following several days, you will probably read a lot of stories about the fantastic humans, Eva, Julie, and Naomi, who transcended the first wounding of Chiron and transformed that wounding into beautiful art, spiritual healing, and music that touches the heart.

Thanks to these three, this world is a much better place right now, and we hope that the stories about them are going to inspire others to find their inner Alchemist.

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