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Repeat These 5 Positive Affirmations Daily To Get The Best Out Of Your Life

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by Conscious Reminder

In order to live our best life, here are the five positive affirmations which will help us in that:

1. ”I am my own amazing person.”

We should start with some basic things. We are our own person, and we are one-of-a-kind, unique and different. We do not need to be like others so that we would be good people.

The good can be found inside us; it usually comes in a lot of forms, but simply said, it is there. We can be defined depending on our past, early experiences, family, or trauma. However, there is another layer.

We can even be defined based on our feelings, thoughts, motives, or behavior. We always have our own opinion. We can be our own fantastic person every single day, and we can do that in small ways which will affect our lives or the lives of other people.

2. ”I choose to be positive.”

Being positive is our own choice. Maybe we were dumped. We argued with our best friend terribly. While we were growing up, our family has been crappy; now, it remains like that too. Maybe we are too stretched out or stressed out.

Regardless of what it is, we always have our own choice – so, we should choose always to be positive.

However, this does not mean that we need to pretend that every negative thing does not exist. We should simply acknowledge what is happening in our lives and how our past probably shaped us, and choose to look positively on life.

3. ”I can do anything I set my mind to.”

Nothing in the world can stop us but our limiting thoughts. What we would like to do, what are our aspirations, did we set any particular goal yet? We should remember that no person in the world can stop us.

Our path may be full of obstacles, but we will always know how we can overcome them. We have only to ensure that besides visualizing a bright and beautiful future, we have to do something.

We should start today and do one specific small thing which will lead us in that particular direction. We should repeat that thing tomorrow, and then the next day.

After that, we should add some action. Before we even realize, every small change we made is going to amount to something which will be much bigger.

4. ”I respect and nurture my precious self.”

This is also about starting with basic things. Do we address ourselves in a friendly, positive, or warm manner? In fact, what does our inner voice sounds like?

We should look at ourselves in our mirror and send some positive messages: “I love you, and I value you,” “You are good, you are strong, keep going,” or “I can’t control who loves me, but I am in charge of loving myself.”

We should forgive ourselves for every mistake from the past. We should let them go, and then move on. Then, we should list three things which we need in our life today. After that, we should decide upon the first steps we would take that are going to lead us there.

5. ”I am prepared to succeed.”

In order to be successful in anything, we have to get ready first. What is our vision? We have to possess a specific and concrete idea of where we want to be successful. Otherwise, it will be difficult to pin down what we have to do, leading us to drift without a purpose in various directions.

We should give our best in everything we do. We should never have excuses such as“I‘ll take the project more seriously when I have time,” “I‘ll wait till I get some inspiration,” “I‘ll do it tomorrow,” and so on.

We have to remember that excuses are a delay and an obstacle to success. We should identify our needs in order to accomplish our dream. We should be consistent and put in all the needed effort. We should believe in ourselves.

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