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Which Figure Did You See First? Find Out What Your Hidden Fears Are

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In psychology, there are different types of evidence that are called “projection tests” that can help us discover our deepest feelings, those that lie in the subconscious. Fears, anguish, fears, goals, values, and all those elements of our personality that trigger defensive mechanisms or impulse reactions in us.

Of all these best-known projection trials are certainly the one of Rorschach, that is, the famous ink stains in which, depending on whoever looks at them, there are different types of figures inside them, each of which has a different meaning; Or other tests are the ones in which a family paper or a tree should be drawn on a sheet of paper.

Here is a test in which you will be able to find out, depending on your answer, your deeper fears and other hidden information that reflect your personality and character.

What is the first figure you see in this image?

1. Little girl

If in the picture the first figure you saw is the little girl sitting, it is very likely that your repressed emotions will come from your childhood. It may be a trauma immediately in the infancy, or even in the perinatal phase, during gestation, delivery or early life. There are numerous types of events that can mark a child’s mind and, in fact, if they are not properly elaborated, they can be dragged to adulthood and cause problems or consequences. First, the relationship with your mother is crucial to emotional development, for example if the child had to spend too much time in the hospital away from the maternal figure, or if the mother has given little or no affection during the early years of Life, it is possible that everything is projected unconsciously through fears and fears in decisions that will have to be taken by adults.

 2. Butterfly

Butterfly is one of the symbols to which different types of meanings have been attributed. According to the interpretation of dreams if the butterfly is bright and colorful it is a sign of good hope, a new happening in one’s life, a new happy and prosperous stage. While the butterfly is dark and light, its meaning can be linked to an opportunity that we did not know or can not grasp, to a circumstance that could be useful but we did not exploit. Finally, the meaning of this symbol deriving from the spiritual side leads the butterfly to the world of the dead and is seen as a conveyor of souls in the afterlife. If your attention has been drawn to the butterfly, it is very likely that your need is to find your way through your soul, or that of people who have disappeared. This could also result from a feeling of lost trust or the unconscious fear of death.

3. Strawberry

This strawberry placed perfectly in the center of the image and in size far greater than the fruit that exists in reality, represents the heart. Since antiquity, the strawberry is represented as a symbol of love, because legend says that because of Adonis’ death, Goddess Venus could not stop crying, and every tear that fell on the ground produced strawberries. If the first figure you saw is that of strawberry, what you are looking for is in your heart. The greatest fear is probably to come across a loving relationship that may end badly, or to fall in love with someone who does not match our love. Those who have these fears often hide behind relationships that do not trust and start with the awareness that they will be short. The origin of this fear of such an emotion often has a complicated relationship with one of the parents since childhood, but also the relationship between our parents and the way they expressed their feelings about it One of the other in front of us.

4. Skull

The skull image is not really present, but it is an optical illusion that can only be distinguished by the conjunction of other elements that are truly represented. If the first image you saw is a skull, it is very likely that you unconsciously live the fear of facing the disappointments that may result from relationships with other people and, above all, fear of your death or that of a person to you Dear. This may be due to the fact that it has in the past proved a sense of helplessness in situations in which it has not been possible to intervene, such as on other people’s choices or even on the life of someone very dear to us. The sense of guilt and helplessness should not be underestimated, but it is imperative to deal with and elaborate your own emotions.

5. Trees

As already mentioned one of the best known tests is where one is asked to draw a tree. The tree is the symbol of our roots and in this case, two trees forming a bridge are likely to mean that within us there is an inner conflict that we have not yet been able to solve. Often we know our doubts and uncertainties very well and, precisely for this reason, we can not find the best solution. In these cases, the best thing would be to consult someone who has an outside point of view, without any preference or purpose or purpose on our person, as it may help us to see the situation differently.

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