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Tonight’s New Moon In Cancer Is All About Channelling Your Sensitivity

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by Conscious Reminder

This year’s New Moon in Cancer will reach its peak on June 28th/29th, depending on your time zone. Cancer is one of the Moon’s favorite places. So expect a sense of harmony and belonging during this lunation.

New Moons mark the beginning of new cycles and are thus accompanied by fresh energies. The most potent period for New Moons is immediately following its peak. They act by drawing energy into us which makes them ideal for intention-setting. All New Moons are chances to draw your desired energies, feelings, and mindset toward you.

An Extra-Sensitive New Moon

The 2022 New Moon in Cancer that will take place in June is set to make us particularly sensitive. However, this sensitivity will encourage us to be more compassionate, intuitive, and responsive to everything that’s happening in our environment.

When one uses this sensitivity to align oneself with the world’s subtle vibrations, they act as a compass. They let us know about the direction that is good and the one that is unbalanced.

Black Moon Lilith also has similar energies as that of the upcoming lunation. This lunar event symbolizes the feminine, especially the raw, darker, feminine instincts that society shuns or suppresses. It also stands for sexual empowerment as well as taking our place as a goddess awakened to her powers. The Black Moon Lilith makes us feel desirable, sexy, and worthy.

For those who have been feeling small, or shrinking back to not bother others, this upcoming New Moon will be beneficial in figuring out these beliefs’ roots. Of course, it will also show us how to push beyond them. So go ahead and set a few intentions. Trust in the Cancer New Moon to carry the requests and wishes through the entire Universe.

Neptune Retrograde And Its Influence

Neptune, the celestial body associated with higher truth, illusion, and spirituality, is going to be extremely active during this lunation. It will actually start going retrograde just a couple of hours preceding the peak of the Cancer New Moon.

The Neptune retrograde is taking place in Pisces. Moreover, the planet is also forming a 90-degree or a square alignment with June’s Cancer New Moon.

This implies a ton of strong watery energy waves are coming our way. As such, prepare for some choppy waves. At the same time, there is no need for major worry since this situation rarely stays too long. The oceans will calm down before you know it.

However, when the waves die down, we will have the opportunity to look at all the things that they washed onto the shore. This may mean new insights, inspiration, or information.

There is usually a clarity following such watery energy waves which helps us in finding a truth we never knew about. So be on the lookout immediately after the New Moon in Cancer for greater clarity, deeper insights, and higher truths.

The 2022 June New Moon in Cancer is bringing us a heightened sensitivity and magnified emotions. At the same time, it also promises greater clarity as well as the view of a greater truth.

If you have already been feeling raw and sensitive, then you should definitely take bonus precautions for the days approaching and immediately following the June New Moon. This will help in preserving your energy, practicing self-care, and setting healthy boundaries.

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