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5 Protection Crystals That Will Keep You Safe While Traveling

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by Conscious Reminder

Traveling is said to be an excellent way to grow mentally and spiritually, and also to relax. A lot of people love traveling, in order to discover some foreign places.

However, traveling may end in dangerous situations and tragedies. Hence, protection will be needed when we are on some trip.

Here, we will talk about the five crystals used to protect ourselves while we are traveling. These stones are going to ensure that we are not going to be harmed while we are traveling. These crystals may even be excellent to calm us and help us to relax.

The five most common crystals used for this purpose are:


The Amethyst can be said to be the most potent crystal used for protection. It is a beautiful crystal stone which will protect us while we are on a particular journey. It is able to protect us from negative events, tragedies, accidents, and dangerous situations. Hence, this crystal should always be in our luggage.


This crystal will be the best for fighting anxiety, fear, and panic attacks. So, it will be our ally if we feel afraid of a ship traveling or flying with a plane. The beautiful crystal is going to relax and keep us calm while we are traveling.


This stone is said to be one of the travelers. Malachite has been utilized as the protecting stone while on journeys for centuries. It will protect us from dangers, accidents, negativity, thieves and bad people. Because of the huge power it has, we have to keep it close to us on every possible trip. 


This is a beautiful blue crystal which resembles seas. And, not just its design and colors, but also the energies it resonates with water generally. Hence, it will become the crystal of those of us that travel over or on water. It will protect us from dangers which might occur on a body of water. Aquamarine is even great in the process of healing seasickness.


This crystal will be helpful for us if we travel for many hours on a plane. It will not only protect us from any dangers but will even cure our jet lag. Hematite stones are enemies of negative energies. This crystal has the ability to absorb negative energies surrounding us. Therefore, it will keep us safe.

The five crystals used for protection during traveling should always be in our luggage. They are really helpful and powerful. However, we should not also forget to clean them in the proper way before we travel.

Their energies will become weaker, and also less pure with the time. A lot of methods for cleaning and programming these crystals exist, and we can do them alone, at the comfort of our home.

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