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Today, Mercury Is Turning Direct But The Post-Retrograde Period Can Bring More Chaos

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by Conscious Reminder

The post-retrograde of Mercury is a period where things aren’t really perfect or optimal, but they can’t get any worse either. This is the time when you need to focus on trying to survive through this plateau before Mercury turns direct.

For, when that happens, you will find things happening smoothly, and efficiently. Maybe not how you wanted it to be, but not any worse than you expected.

Here is how the post retrograde will affect the zodiacs.


We know you want the best for people close to you. But it is time to let go of being the mother hen. If you want people to change, trust them that they would of their own accord. You cannot shove your ideas or opinions down someone’s throat and expect them to change. If you can’t respect people for who they are, then maybe you should be the one to change.


Let things seep in silently. You don’t always need music to accompany you wherever you go. You can simply be quiet and reflect on the present. Be in the present and try to live life as quietly as you can. It could be transformational for you and might actually develop you into a different individual.


The Retrograde has been extremely disruptive for you, both in the personal and the professional hemisphere. So, as Mercury goes direct, you can expect some amount of relaxation coming your way. Things will be a little bit less tense, and when you think about it, you wouldn’t need to push so hard anymore. Give yourself some space.


The post-retrograde would be an enlightening event for you. Familial tensions will die down and you wouldn’t need to force anything anymore. Release control a bit and learn how to compromise. There is no point trying to wrestle things when they are not what they seem to be. Try again later, it will still be there.


In simple terms, make money out of your talent. It could be anything, you simply have to let your creative juices flow. And for that, you need to start hustling. Even if you don’t get remuneration for your work, the very fact that you are doing things you love should make it easier for you.


Big things are going to happen to you. The post-retrograde will result in you finally breaking free from your shackles and showing the world who you truly are. It might also lead to you getting several new accomplishments lined up one after the other. But, all you need to do is realize that you need a life that you don’t spend thinking about leaving, and people around you who wouldn’t get jealous of your success.


Things will come to a head as Mercury goes direct. Now, you will be beset with old financial or familial problems that you might have to deal with. But don’t make any hasty decisions. Relax and think about how it would affect others.


You will have a lot of thinking to do once Mercury goes direct. Not only will you be thinking about whether the last few months have been good or bad for you, but also whether you have the power in you to deal with other issues as such. Remember, confidence is key.


Sometimes the real villain amongst us is our own selves. On several occasions, we must have behaved in a way that we didn’t like, or maybe didn’t voice our opinion when we should have. As this Retrograde gets over, you will have the strength to judge yourself for who you are and find out where you went wrong.


Don’t stress things out. Do what comes naturally to you. You don’t have to be dead while doing something big, and what you consider worthy. All you have to do is realize what your worth is and that small things matter too.


Things rarely happen how you planned them, for change is in nature. So, don’t fret as things change before you. You have lived and you will live through these. Keep your mind open.


Your emotions are raising important questions before you, which you have to answer. Don’t try to sweep them under the rug, but try to think about them, and get correct answers from within. In the end, you have to be yourself, however lonely you may be. You have to live with your emotions, so be truthful to them.

As Mercury turns direct, the time is now to implement words into actions.

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