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Weekly Horoscope April 8th-14th: The Benefic Jupiter Goes Retrograde, But It’s A Double-Whammy

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by Conscious Reminder

April 10th is bringing the wonderful alignment of Neptune and Venus in the same degree of Pisces. So, be prepared to get a burst of romanticized energy in you.

This alignment generally happens once in a year and makes you understand the power of fantasy over reality.

Once the alignment takes place, reality is suspended for some time and possibilities seem to be just within reach. Optimism is in the air. Everything might seem to be flawless – but remain a little more aware. You are only looking at things with your rose-tinted glasses.

As of now, nothing in our world has been flawless. Even software engineers have failed to program a fault-free model of a human AI.

So, despite having a dreamy perception, try to add a sprinkle of reason into it too. Go for something that you can actually achieve and achieve fast. Since the square of Neptune and

Venus will make it difficult to tone down the fantasy, you will just have to try. However, a trip down fantasy lane may be what you require. Especially, if you are a creative person, you will enter into a new phase of creativity.

So make a lot of time for yourself and produce something marvelous – a piece of wonderful art. For others, you should keep yourself on the rational side – don’t trust everything as they might turn out to be nothing in the end.

There’s another reason why you need to keep the fantasies in check. Jupiter, the custodian of truth, is entering its retrograde period till 11th August. This will be quite a lot of retrograde energy since it is retreating through Sagittarius – its home sign.

It won’t just be outspoken, this retrograde might turn out to be quite overwhelming too. So, if you end up saying something during the Venus-Neptune square, you might have to test it later on.

So, if you have been on an exaggerated spree, then get ready to have it called out. It might make your life worse, so try to keep it real. Your credibility matters and this session will be lasting for the next four months.

From 8th November last year, Jupiter in Sagittarius has allowed us to take risks, go out of our comfort zone when necessary and remain optimistic about life. However, this retrograde that will happen after Wednesday will bring a sudden slowdown.

It will be time for us to re-assess our progress in the past months and think about how we will plan the future. Did we reach the position that we planned to reach when Jupiter was in Sagittarius? Or did we overestimate and thus, failed to deliver?

Well, you don’t have to be disappointed if things did not turn out the way you had expected them to be. As Churchill once said: “If you’re going through hell, keep walking.” Did you know that Churchill was a Sagittarian too?

Anyway, all you have to do is go back a little and assess everything in a better way now. Start developing your structure and if you need, ask for support. And as Sagittarian energy will be high during this period, try to take up some Sagittarian skills too – reading and learning more.

This will make you specialized in whatever you want to do. If you really want to get something done, you can join a summer school or workshops. With the internet, you have webinars as well!

So, plan how you want to reach your destination. Don’t let the past keep your trapped. Keep your rationality intact and chart out the future. You can do what you always wanted. Best of luck!

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