Today Jupiter Goes Retrograde: Expect 4 Months Of Constant Love Challenges

by Conscious Reminder

Jupiter Retrograde will take place on April 10th at 24° Sagittarius and will end on August 11th at 14° Sagittarius.

Like most other retrogrades, this one too will be a time for quiet reflection, introspection, and the likes. You need to start thinking about growth and your own personal happiness.

This retrograde, one needs to remain focused more on their romantic and personal relationships, for it might bring tendrils of jealousy, obsession, possession, and other potential relationship breakers. 

The Fixed Star Lesath at 24°16′ Sagittarius in the Sting of the Scorpion would give rise to danger and desperation, a loss of morals, and malevolent intentions. But, when it appraises with Jupiter, the effects are quite different.

For, it leads to growth in character while giving it a more incisive mind and a sharp wit. Needless to say, this is well-suited for sportsmen, entrepreneurs, and standup comedians.

An eye for detail, a keen insight into the workings of human behavior coupled with the already reiterated wit would help anyone in the above professions and more.

Effects of Jupiter Retrograde on Other Planetary Movements

Moon squaring Mercury would lead to a loss of balance as you would get very moody and believe everything you think to be the truth.

It is assured that any form of bias is bound to create a rift in judgment. So, instead of getting swayed emotionally, try to look at any situation or idea from a pragmatic way. In the end, you would be the one who is successful.

When Mercury will square Jupiter, it will lead to the widening of horizons as you would be able to encompass a lot of things at once. But, just like every other “wider picture”, you would not be able to focus on the smaller and tinier things in life and relationships which matter too.

Don’t be overconfident or bigoted towards your own abilities. It is good to have self-esteem and confidence, but too much of it would spell your own disaster.

When Moon would square Jupiter, it would result in you opening up to people, and generally being accepting to every walk of life. While that generosity is commendable, it would also open you up to harm for people who are willing to use you for their own selfish needs.

Asteroid Juno

Asteroid Juno will play a major role in turning the theme of this retrograde to women and romance and relationships. According to Demetra George, this asteroid actually helps one transcend their body and ego and merge with the higher spirits. This allows them to be one with the universe.

But the presence of the aforementioned challenging star would see to it that this love is not devoid of conflicts, jealousy, and thoughts of self-destruction.

Venus conjuncting Neptune would result in newer, fresher, and better relationships. It won’t always change your lover, but would add new components to an existing relationship. But, it would also come with the baggage that you need to accept that your previous one was toxic and needed to be gotten rid of.

Jupiter squaring Neptune on June 16th will be crucial to the Jupiter retrograde. And while it will test your faith, you need to hold steady. You might come under some embarrassment, but you need to trust in the higher powers.

Don’t gamble or see delusions of grandeur. Listen to people around you who care for you and keep your feet grounded.

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