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6 Amazing Ways To Accept Your Negative Emotions

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Today, the norm is expecting happiness or constantly chasing after happiness.

This has a terrible consequence: it makes a lot of us feel like having specific negative emotions is “wrong”.

All of us want to attain peace and enjoyment in our lives. But always being happy is unnecessary and impossible. Being human means experiencing a variety of emotions as we go through life.

Do you let yourself feel emotions that are not happy and do not judge them as wrong or bad? Do you resist your negative feelings and then feel ashamed because you cannot be happy? Is your experience of happiness more valuable to you than others?

You are not alone if any of your answers were yes. The majority of us like feeling happy rather than sad, depressed, angry, or stressed. It is obviously because feeling happy feels better. But happiness does not have a single dimension. It comes in layers, and many of them are not joyful.  

We can start by accepting and trusting that change and transition will fill our lives, and that will have a wide range of energy, emotions, and thoughts. Most importantly, trust that we have the power to handle it as well as move through it. Feeling unhappy occasionally does not mean we are not “safe” or “normal”.

Here are six amazing ways of embracing your negative feelings.

1. Normalize Feeling Negative Emotions

Having a range of feelings is healthy and normal. Our days have various experiences and stressors that impact us variously. We do not need to judge life after a single off day.

2. Do Not Label The Negative Feelings

We have a tendency to link happiness with goodness, success, love, and attention. Similarly, we have a tendency to associate sadness with uncertainty, tears, and loneliness. But the reality is that these feelings are far from being white and black.

3. Be Aware Of Your Present

This is possibly everything’s answer. If you truly live in the present, you will not attach or label anything. This is because being present means that nothing is being dictated by your mind.

4. Change Will Always Take Place

Remember the proverb: “change is the only constant”. This means that you have the power to appreciate and embrace everything because you are aware that nothing will last for an eternity. If you are experiencing happiness, it will evolve. Same with if you are experiencing sadness or any other feelings.

5. Let all Feelings Flow, Even If They Are Negative

If you are happy then enjoy it. If you are unhappy then accept it. Start on a fresh experience through which you can accept the times when you are uncertain, stressed, and sad. It might not be enjoyable. However, trust that these are part and parcel of the beautiful and unique experience that is life.

6. Find Support

Some of the darkest nights and biggest transitions in our lives do not have to be necessarily experienced by ourselves. Reaching out to online groups, therapists, or coaches is also a form of investing in ourselves.

You can expose your vulnerable side and request help from your friend, family, or church. Having the openness of being able to share and loving support, all of us can change our lives.

We hope this helps you and connects you with your deeper self. Remember that you do not have any limits. Similarly, the experiences you have of sadness, happiness, and all that falls in between are unlimited as well.  

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