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Avoid These 5 Zodiac Signs If You Want To ‘Survive’ April Intact

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by Conscious Reminder

Although April goes alright for a lot of people, some Zodiac signs will be more stress and irritable than the others.

From right now, until the start of May, there will be people who will try really hard in order to figure out how to make it through and lashing out will also happen, even when they do not want.

Here, we will talk about the things which will happen with some signs of the Zodiac, which people should avoid right now.

Those people that belong to any sign from below have to remember always to be a really strong person, and also understand that the things they go through are something they can definitely get through.

Working harder means getting further in life, and they can or will do some great things for sure.

These are the five signs of the Zodiac that every person should avoid until the month of May:


Right now, the people that are born under the sign of Cancer face many losses. They experience many problems which they can’t even explain. Although they look like they hold themselves together in the proper way from the outside, on their inside, they are quite shattered.

They will need some time in order to return to normal, or heal on a more profound level. While others would like to be next to them and help them, they will have to be all alone.  Cancer people have to remember how significant letting go can be.


Right now, pissing off a person born under this sign will be a terrible idea. These people are quite stressing about the directions of their future. While a lot of them look like they have everything they need, others look like they are lost, but they all work towards something which they feel and think that they need.

In fact, they will be more agitated or willing to talk about everything on their minds, and this is something that other people may not have the ability to handle. That’s why these people have to allow Virgos to reach out to them before moving towards them. People should always approach Virgos with caution. Those born under the sign of Virgo should try to calm and relax as much as they can.


The people born under the sign of Sagittarius should be avoided for now. They go through a time of confusion which will not disappear quickly. They don’t know what their real wants and needs are and they distance other people from them.

This is what helps them see if these people are some they would like to keep moving forward with, or they aren’t. This could actually be about a romantic relationship or only as friends. Others should let them finally clear their own minds. The people born under Sagittarius should always think before they speak.


At the moment, people should not go out of their ways in order to do something nice for the people born under the sign of Capricorn. Although they think that they are helping them, they should know that they aren’t.

Sometimes, the intentions that other people have will not be that beneficial as they want. Capricorns should try to be softer with people that care for them. These people just try to make their lives easier.


In fact, Pisces will do a lot more for those people present in their life at the moment, but the reality is that right now, they are the ones that are in need.

When their loved ones put some space right between them, this will help them realize the importance of self-care and also how neglected they were, permitting themselves actually to get. Although this can be quite painful, it is really going to turn the things around right when the month of May arrives.

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