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Have Patience With The Twin Flame Runner – Awakening Takes Time

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by Conscious Reminder

Separation is definitely the hardest emotional phase of the relationship of twin flames. During the stage of separating, one of the twins is the chaser, and the other is the runner.

In order to close this stage, the runner has to experience some enlightenment.

When we are the chaser, we will probably wonder what takes our runner so long. Fortunately, there are several things we can do in order to make this process faster:

The unenlightened twin flame will run

Every person that reads this probably knows what the experience or spiritual living of twin flames generally means.

Unluckily, as a result of this, our twin flame is probably going to be completely the opposite. A twin flame runner will run as he or she does not recognize, understand, and want actually to believe in this connection between twin flames.

Until he or she experiences enlightenment – their spiritual awakening – he or she is instinctively going to attempt to distance himself or herself from this particularly new and strange phenomenon.

Chasing and running is a natural process which happens to almost every person; however, that does not make it less painful.

Luckily, it will help us deal with our heartache caused by our twin flame’s absence.

Helping our runner to reach enlightenment

In fact, there are a few ways in which we can help our runner to reach enlightenment:

1. We can utilize the shared energies our souls

We could actually meditate with the connection of our soul energies, which connect twin flames. This will be a safe, energetic connection so that everything that we send over is going to reach our twin flame.

But, when we are pushier with all this than we should be, the effect can be opposite, so that we should use it in order to check in or be the reminder of everything they could actually have.

2. Walk the paths towards enlightenment together

We have to work on our shortcomings. While our runner twin flame may be afraid of having their emotions hurt and the unknown, we aren’t perfect as well. The foundation of our relationship was formed with our mutual self-care and self-improvement, meaning that doing our part is going to help them when it comes to doing theirs.

3. Sharing positive emotions and outlooks is always helpful

Feeling pity and sorry for yourself is not the way you want to go. In fact, the urge will be human and natural; however, we should do our best in order to resist this self-torture.

We all know that twins are keyed into the emotions of each other, even when they are separated, so our wallowing is only going to slow down the enlightenment and awakening of our twin.

However, we can actually utilize this to our advantage. When we know that our runner twin flame is going to experience our emotions, we have the chance actually to bring him or her back with some positive emotions.

When we live optimistically, and we constantly smile, or spend time around our loved ones, or generally live our lives healthily and happily, we are going to work some wonders for the sense of apprehension and fear that our runner has for our relationship.

4. Runner Twin Flame Awakening and Enlightenment don’t happen overnight.  

When it comes to the enlightenment of our runner twin flame, a time frame does not exist. The reunion of twin flames can take different amounts of time, also on different paths for every person. We have to be patient.

Although this could be frustrating, we have to know that our relationship with our twin flame always progresses during the appropriate pace. We should be patient, and not frustrated.

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