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These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have A Wild Pink Full Moon Week

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The pseudoscience astrology is congested with gray areas. When a person believes that some planets or signs of the Zodiac are inherently negative, he is too absolute.

Well, the truth actually is that they probably had some challenging experience with specific astrological entities; however, such experiences are not the same for everyone.

With our Sun, together with the planets Venus and Mercury charge forth through the sign of Aries, several signs of the Zodiac may be feeling weighed down by the intense fire energies, and starting from the 15th of April, 2019, this is going to be the worst possible week for the signs of Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio. They will experience turbulence during this week.

But, that is not the main reason these three signs of the Zodiac may have a hard time. There will also be a Libra Full Moon happening on the 19th of April.

For those of you who are water signs, the Libra offers difficulties, or even opportunities to grow.

As the Full Moon is going to be at odds with Pluto and Saturn, people can expect the lunation to test their emotions. However, we sometimes have to come to the bottom in order to discover how we can reach the top once again.

As the lunation is also holding hands with the optimistic planet Jupiter, people should trust in it, as it has bright plans for them.

Here are the three signs of the zodiac that will have a hard time this week:

Scorpio – Some unexpected revelations may twist Scorpio’s world.

The people born under this sign will have another intense lunar cycle headed on their way – a Full Moon that will heighten their sensitivity or even make them feel threatened. The lunation will take place in their twelfth house of self-undoing, and as it also squares with Pluto and Saturn, their anxieties could become higher.

The twelfth house is where dangerous secrets, shameful thoughts or uncomfortable memories remain hidden. Since Full Moons are all about completion and fruition, these people will no longer have the ability to deal with struggles they wanted to avoid.

Luckily, the twelfth house is full of light as it is of the dark. These people have to remember one important thing: the light is not more significant than the dark, and vice versa.

Pisces – Something really important could be ended.

A Full Moon is actually a time when a certain thing in life reaches completion and culmination. This can happen in the form of revelation, finishing a project, breaking up, or any other possible way in which life will inform us that it is the time to keep going.

Since the upcoming lunation will take place in the 8th house of rebirth and death of the people born under Pisces, this is a more prevalent sentiment for these people.

Their eight house is dealing with debts, wills, or everything else that pertains to tying loose ends. That is not something easy at all.

While the Full Moon that comes is going to deepen their intuition, heighten their psychic connection, and also increase their levels of intimacy, it will probably be a challenging and transformative experience. 

Cancer – Emotions could become high, and Cancers will need additional love.

The Full Moon will take place in the fourth house of family and home of the people born under this sign. They will probably think: “Home and family? Isn’t that what Cancers are all about? Why would this be difficult?” But, it is all because these people care a lot about this life aspect that it could prove even to be a hard experience.

The Full Moon is going to fight with the dark Pluto and karmic Saturn, which could also bring specific uncomfortable topics, or deep-seated problems to light into their family. Maybe, it will be the time for dealing with problems within the circle of their family or for finally facing particular struggles in their home life. They should remember not to be afraid of honestly showing their feelings.

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