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Numerology Reveals Why 2018 Was More Than A Struggle For All Of Us

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Entering into the season of holidays, and closing 2018, a lot of people are going to find themselves looking at this year which passed and shaking hands.

Besides everything, this has been a long year. If people feel just like this year kicked their asses, they should know that they are not the only ones – according to numerologists, this is a worldwide experience.

So, if you are not familiar with numerology, you should know that it is a thorough comprehending of energies which are carried by numbers, and also the ways such energies have the ability to influence people’s lives. Such numbers can appear as some dates, addresses or phone numbers, or also another different area in which numbers are included.

There are numerologists who even go too far in order to connect the English alphabet with the numbers, each of the letters taking its numerical value, as well as utilizing that in order to discover the numerological patterns of some things such as names.

In order to better and completely understand the energies which are connected with a particular year, we have to start by merely breaking every number down in a number which is better workable, in one-digit number or in some specific case such as master numbers (the ones that repeat), several recurring digits. For example, take this year and add all the digits to one another: 2+0+1+8 and it is going to result in the master number 11.

11 is a significant number, as the energy it has is a sure sign of the crazy, as well as the wild journey on which every one of us went in this year. This is because the 11 master number is the one connected with the balances which exist between the dark and the light, as well as the pain and the happiness, or the enlightenment and the ignorance – this is an uncontrollable energy which is known for pushing the limits in order to open people’s mind and define such opposite strengths in their lives.

However, this does not mean that this year has been sent in order to make people’s lives hard, but it says that it has been sent to aid them better comprehend the balance existing in today’s world. Unluckily, most of the times, that lesson is not that easy to learn.

This number is not simply known for being able to illuminate and highlight the reality in the world in which we live, but it also signifies transformation time. It actually motivates people to look deep within, find their faults and weaknesses, as well as draw them forward in the spotlight.

People certainly have personality aspects which they probably kept as a secret for several years, and they also worked hard in order to keep those aspects hidden from other people in the world.

In fact, it may be that they feel ashamed of their faults which come from times they failed in their past, or they can also feel afraid of the pain which they can bring to other people today when they will see their other side.

Regardless of the reason, they will never want to display such personality traits, and this is what they really want.

However, there is also a specific reason for such unbelievably hard experience. Forcing them to confront such faults, as well as misgivings, they were also forced to manage them.

They will be asked to feel, and also work through some past hunts, also led them on their path for self-growth. It has been a torture for them for sure, the type of torture they would never wish on their biggest enemy; however, after everything being said, as well as done, they are better people for that.

Well, while this year was terrible in a lot of different ways and aspects, it has definitely been one of the best years in people’s lives. This is as it brought them the needed experience in order to become the individual they are today.

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