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Jupiter’s 4-Month Retrograde Is Ending Next Week, On July 10: The Energies Are Finally Picking Up

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by Conscious Reminder

The first of the six planets going retrograde this summer is about to leave the company next week, on July 10th, and it’s the giant Jupiter, that took retrograde direction in March, earlier this year.  

The backspins of this planet don’t usually cause a lot of commotion, the way it happens with Mercury or Saturn. When Jupiter goes retrograde it usually affects our lives in a way that everything slows down.

We get a moment to take a deep breath, ponder upon our past actions and think twice before we make our next move. So, I wouldn’t say it was that bad to live under this extra thoughtful influence.

And like with every changing of direction, in or out of retrograde, some might go through it more smoothly that others.

Those of more bubbly temperament will find it relieving to pick up the pace and leave the slow energies behind this July 10th. Not just that you will return to your normal rhythm, you will shine and thrive.

Astrologer Jamie King from the renown Astrology King blog says that a common result of Jupiter going direct is a heightened sense of drive and motivation, especially among those whose normal approach to life could be described as “breakneck” (cough, Aries, Sagittarius, and Capricorn). If you are one of these people, get up on your feet and let the flow take you away.

However, don’t allow the heightened energies to erase the effect of the retrograde completely.

I know the slow energies are not everyone’s cup of tea, but we sure need to slow down sometimes and see where we are, actually, going in life.

The main lesson of any Jupiter retrograde is to accept slow progress and delayed results,  but I wouldn’t say that you should permanently settle in the comfort zone of the low tides, even if you’re a Taurus, Cancer, or Pisces, and love the slow flow.

If this retrograde taught you at least a bit of patience, and you are leaving it a person who takes time to put in the real work instead of expecting instant success and gratification, then you are a winner. However, don’t forget that deadlines are real and be ready fo additional work, that always comes out of the blue just to mess u with our planes that we have so perfectly laid out.

Jupiter going retrograde was meant to teach us to wait. May it change of direction show us how flexible we can be.

As the planet of wisdom, it’s no wonder that Jupiter’s retrogrades are often viewed as learning opportunities. Whatever your personal lesson was, keep it in mind after this planet goes direct next week.

Your recently acquired Jupiterian wisdom will help you get trough Mercury retrograde that arrives later this July and Uranus’ retrograde whose effects we will feel early August.

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