15 Simple Yet Powerful Spiritual Lessons

by Conscious Reminder

During our whole lifetimes, there are a lot of lessons which we may learn, and which can also help us to overcome the problems we have and live happily and in contentment.

Here, we are going to share the best such lessons which we all have learned.

Here is a list comprised of 15 spiritual lessons which we find really important. We should all try to comprehend them and remember them too:

1. We should never let the behavior of others tell us what we should do. We are free beings, and we have the responsibility for our own actions.

2. Every one of us is connected. This means that if we help someone, we are helping ourselves. If we hurt someone, we will hurt ourselves too.

3. We shouldn’t fear of some painful experiences. In fact, pain can be bad or good, but we are able to deal with such pain in bad or good ways too.

4. When we drop all expectations and desires about the way people have to be, we are never going to feel hurt or deceived again.

5. Every fear comes down to the fear of death. Until we become quite familiar with what death is, we are never going to have the ability to live without being afraid.

6. We can’t know anything more about others than we can know only about ourselves. Getting to know ourselves better will help us understand other people better too.

7. Real love will never hurt as it actually gives without even asking for something in return. This means that even when love is rejected or unseen, it will always be what it truly is.

8. Pain and pleasure are two different aspects of one same coin. The first one cannot be possessed without the second one.

9. When we treat the symptom, we cannot cure a particular disease. Rather than that, we should try to remove the disease’s root-cause.

10. We should remember that there isn’t God that is higher than the Truth.

11. We should never focus our attention on the things other people do or say. Instead, we should try to find the motive for their speaking or acting.

12. We should always tell the truth, regardless of the consequences. In fact, being honest will be the single way in which we can feel at peace with other people and ourselves too.

13. Possessions may also possess us. We should let go of our attachments to our belongings.

14. Every one of us comes to the world alone so that we also leave the world alone. We should not be afraid to experience loneliness as only in that way we are going to have the ability to confront ourselves as we truly are.

15. We should never submit ourselves to relationships. True friendship may be fruitful when there is mutual respect.

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