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Human Sexuality: Embracing Sacred S*x

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

In the modern world, relationships are becoming increasingly flexible. Different concepts like polyamory are now being explore. We are increasingly open and truthful in the way we relate to each other and that is wonderful.

There are many in the margins of society who are experimenting with innovative ways to sexually connect with others. They look for equal sharing of power, sincerity, openness and self-awareness. This is not easy but it is ideal.

For those who wish to elevate the vibrations in their love lives, the best place to begin is by loving yourself. Do not keep criticizing yourself and do not be ashamed of your deepest needs and desires. Remember that all human souls are mere reflections of the Divine and thus they are not perfect.

The most important thing is to never become physically intimate with a person you cannot be emotionally intimate with. Making love to someone you love and respect can increase your pleasure and satisfaction. Emphasize to that person how much you love them as many times as they are happy to hear it.

If you wish to transform your love-making into a sacred ritual you need to open up your mind to new practices. The first step is to ensure that you transform the air of your room with a sense of holiness added to it.

Next, purify your body with a nice bath. Look for ways to intensify your sensory experience. Lay down silken sheets, light some scented incense like YlanYlan and beautiful scented candles. Scatter some rose petals and play sensual music.

During the act itself, try to draw the energy released from your orgasm to both your hearts at the same time. When this becomes easy, bring that same energy further up to your third eye.

If you wish to elevate your pleasure into something heavenly, decide on a symbol beforehand and when both of you orgasm, focus the energy of your heart and third eye onto that symbol to make it manifest into reality. This can help you deepen the intimacy of your relationship.

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Em be Measenger December 24, 2017 - 12:45 pm

Wow that’s sounds amazing I really look forward to experiencing that.


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