Why Do Many Souls Make The Choice To Put Themselves Through Extreme Struggle?

by Conscious Reminder

Many of us live a more-or-less comfortable life. We have shelter, daily food and clothes to wear. In some countries, even if you are unemployed, you get a sum of money for minimal survival.

But then, when we turn on the TV, we see miserable people all over the world. In places like Haiti or Rwanda, death and disease are all around. Why is it that way?

The thing is all of us choose where we are to be reincarnated. What we chose is the personal choice of our soul taken when our soul is on the Other Side. So, it might make us wonder, why did a soul choose such a challenging path?

The thing is, every soul is aware of what its mission is. And the mission remains constant, regardless of the geographical location that they are a part of.

Many people have mentioned that one should not judge others unless they walk in their shoes. It is a piece of essential advice when we are looking at these souls’ tough journey.

Our life themes can be varied and distinct from one another. It can result out of patience, creativity, justice or intellect. We work for 24 hours every day to accomplish our life themes. However, even geographical, environmental and governmental factors influence them.

When a soul takes birth in a tormented place of famine and oppression, they are not working for their personal soul experience only. Of course, they will grow in that area.

Their hardships will help them learn a lot more about life and help them deal with it. But what’s more important is that they are also trying to forward the collective soul experience of all of us.

Their existence and their work are a catalyst to the growth of our consciousness. It helps us to become more compassionate and understand the struggles of other people better.

The thing is, as souls, we are not growing individually only. Whatever we do, however we act, is contributing to the consciousness shift that is taking place. These souls make us more human; they push us towards the light.

And most importantly, these souls have a lot of courage within them. Their optimism shines through and makes them carry our entire consciousness forward. They are an inspiration to all of us.

They also show how our souls are interconnected and their single act of goodness can bring such relief and progress in the universal consciousness.

And in this interconnectedness, you can help them too. Raise your vibration levels to add to the universal consciousness. You can pray for them and help them with your prayers and optimism. Your prayers are heard by them – they help them on their tough path.

And if you wonder about their fate on the Other Side, don’t worry. For such a challenging task, they are rewarded with light and grace. They are considered heroes of our time – heroes on the Other Side.

Don’t complain about them. Let your prayers be with them.

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  1. A Great Reminder! Thank You Conscious Reminder for the Great Reminder…To Count our Blessings and to Always Be Grateful No Matter What as someone has it much worse than you! A-Men Om Shanti Shanti Shatni Om Om Om !!!!!!


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