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How Writing Your Night Dreams Will Help To Increase Self-Awareness?

by consciousreminder
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by Josh Carlyle
Contributing author, Conscious Reminder

Development and advancement are not only about training your physical and professional skills to become stronger and more successful. It is firstly about you as a personality with your own traits which you work on throughout all your life.

You decide on values, which are going to guide you on your life path, needs, desires, personal limits and things which make you tick. Nothing will work out without all these components which are guided by self-awareness.

Why is it so important to be self-aware? Is it just one more psychological trend or an inevitable process of human development? What can help you to increase self-awareness?

You fail to realize your potential, consistently experience limbo and can not find your direction, if you do not practice self-awareness. It is the key to the development of so relevant skill which is emotional intelligence.

This is the main ability which helps you to live in this world among other people and interact with them. When you can not define your way, you struggle with everything from doing the work you want, choosing the food you like to failing exams and job interviews.

Even such a simple thing as an essay is a disaster. Not everyone is granted with writing skills but the idea is the most important part. Having it, you can text in any search engine “write my essay online” and hundreds of services will frame your ideas in a top-notch composition.

You can not cope with own overwhelming thoughts,  When you are aware of yourself and set right and your own goals, communicate and cooperate easily with others, able to cope with own emotions and fears, deal with difficulties and feel empathy.

There are different ways how you can work on your self-awareness and increase it. One of them is to write down your night dreams.

Human’s mind is a combination of three levels conscious, subconscious and unconscious. It is a common conviction that people use only 10% of their brain. The reason is that is the only one mind which most of them are aware of.

Our thoughts, speech, actions are all part of consciousness. On the contrary, there is an unconscious level which can be very valuable and is full of insights about you as a personality if you know how to interpret the message.

These are our night dreams which we neglect most of the time and even do not remember after waking up. That is because we are not aware of how to deal with them. First thing is to write night dreams down as you open your eyes.

The procedure itself takes less time them scrolling Instagram or Facebook but brings a way more benefits. This way you learn to listen not to the message of the world and trends but to your inner voice. Many prominent people kept their journals by the bed to be able to write their dreams even in the middle of the night and then interpret those messages.

If it was senseless, nobody would ever create a dream book. but it exists and helps you to interpret your night dreams. The thing is that these collections of meanings are mostly general and can’t fit your sense.

Try to write down your dreams for some period of time and you will notice patterns and connections along with relation to your conscious life and decisions you make. What is even more impressing that our subconscious is trying to deliver us valuable insights about ourselves through night dreams to help increase self-awareness and dispel all social prejudices.

The unconscious mind is a free mind and thus an ideal space and condition for creativity. Lots of great things were created at night because inspiring ideas were born in the heads of their owners. It is not about the night but the sleep itself.

The most incredible ideas come to people when they less expect it and when they are close to their inner selves, desires, feelings, and intuition. Your mind is clear when you sleep and reward you with a sheer of creativity.

If you have to write some composition but have no idea and struggle with your thoughts throwing just smashed papers in a bin with every unsuccessful attempt, try to think about it before you go to bed and make some notes before getting up.

Ideas will come in your mind and then half of the work is done. Now you can just use legit essay writing service to help you to make a nice essay.  

Stop looking for answers in the external world as lots of them are in your inner world. And the matter is just to learn how to understand them to become more self-aware and live the life you want.

Josh Carlyle is a content writer and marketing strategist at Writing Guru. He is highly experienced in website copywriting and business management. Josh has comprehensive knowledge in Internet marketing and online writing services and shares his insights on the blog for almost five years.

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