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Standing Face To Face With The Ghosts Of Your Past

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Ghosts are uninvited guests who howl and growl. A ghost has the ability to get you where he or she wants to if you don’t make a deal with him or her.

Every one of you desires happiness in your life. So, no person in this world will sometimes tell that he or she wishes to feel unhappy.

However, the search for happiness is said to be like a coin, which has two sides. From one side, it will require you to release your expectations and to appreciate your life for everything that it is – an amazing journey which will help you become who you really are.

And, from the second side, you will have to put a great effort in order to come to the place in which you can be the person you are destined to be.

Happy relationships, which are based on real love, are built on identical principles. Happiness is present in relationships because of your ability to release what weighs you down, and simultaneously, as a result of what are you prepared to do in order to make your relationship flourish.

You would like the feast to be really delightful, when both of you can enjoy your time together, celebrating what you have: love. However, what would happen when the feast you planned and longed for, gets interrupted by some uninvited guests who appear suddenly and have a destructive, hidden agenda?

Visiting your past ghosts.

In fact, they are said to be the crashers of relationships. Simply as wedding crashers who may come from the side of the groom or the bride, relationship crashers do the same. Usually, they will appear on the two sides, and they are:

  • The Fear of Change;
  • The Fear of Getting Emotionally Hurt;
  • The Fear of Rejection;
  • The Fear of Loss of Freedom;
  • The Fear of Inadequacy;
  • The Fear of Loneliness;
  • The Fear of Failure.

So, every single wound which you developed will become your weakness which you try to hide somewhere deep in your subconscious.

When the wound is not healed properly, it will become the base for the development of the subconscious shadow that guards your weak spots and points with its body.

In fact, such type of shadow can become ruthless simultaneously. A bully which is dark-natured will start controlling your feelings and behaviors. When you have more unresolved trauma from your past, there will be more shadows residing in your subconscious.

Carl Jung, the psychologist from Switzerland, is said to be the first person that talked about dark energies which are the material for your shadows, which is something we can all reject in other people and ourselves.

Your subconscious shadows will take over in order to protect you from any harm possible. When the danger is real, or there is just an imagined and potential threat, your shadows will come out, acting on your behalf.

It will be like someone has pressed the button and you start behaving strangely and defensively, just like a robot. You keep sabotaging your relationship, happiness, your right to be prosperous and abundant, and your right to be loved or love.

When some problems occur in your relationship, you cannot blame your partner, because when you started your relationship, which was based on real love, you agreed to take responsibilities for sharing your love equally.

The ghosts from your past will let you know that they are here, now or then. Every one of you knows the shadows of these ghosts well. You know how you can react, what you have done, or what you can do.

You should not act like you are surprised to find out about the existence of the shadows when they succeed in crushing your relationship. You have to be aware that your partner will also have those shadows.

Now, it will not mean that you have to escape from love. There is also the possibility to love someone and be with someone that still has its wounds very deep.

Of course, the best thing you can do is taking care of your mess, right before it breaks the deal. However, the presence of this mess is definitely not something which cannot be defeated.

When you make the decision to love one another and grow and learn together, you will risk facing and even dealing with your human nature.

No matter if it is you, your partner, or the two of you that have to be healed you have to be patient, wise, and supportive enough to be aware of the fact that the process of healing can take time.

This will be the most significant thing you have to keep in mind when your past ghosts appear in order to divide you and put you in your place too.

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