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15 Differences Between False & True Twin Flame Relationships

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by Conscious Reminder

Even though you might come across several relationships where you would find the person to be your ‘soulmate’, a twin flame relationship only happens once.

Twin flames are a mirror to your soul. A twin flame relationship can’t be multiplied into many more such relationships.

It is what it is, and nothing ever would give you the peace that comes from being in a twin flame relationship. However, there are certain false twin flame relationships which may look similar but actually clears you up for the real twin flame relationship.

Here are 15 differences that you would find between a true and a false twin flame relationship:

1. A true twin flame relationship will never prevent you from seeing the truth. You won’t be blinded by it at any cost. A false relationship will keep your blinded about the truth.

2. The false twin flame relationship talks more about issues that came up in the past. Once purified by your soul mate, every mistake, fear and confusion appears to be a thing of the past. When you are in a relationship with a true twin flame, you would find that most mistakes pertain to the future, and also how you need to stop them from happening.

3. A false relationship will always impart lessons on how you could help yourself and others. They occur usually when we need some kind of change in our lives- a desire to understand our own consciousness. But a true relationship will always teach you to help others for they appear when you need to expand your powers for good.

4. A fake relationship will leave when the going gets tough for them. But a true relationship will stay true to their words and their vows, and stay strong even when it gets hard.

5. A fake relationship will lead to anxiety attacks and a general feeling of discomfort even in your own home. But a real relationship would make sure that you feel exactly at ease around them. They would be your best friends and make you very comfortable around them.

6. The road with a real relationship can be understood very easily. It might be rocky but it will always be fulfilling in the end. You would know where you are. But with a fake relationship, things will be serious for short periods of time, filled with intervals of discord and separation in the long term.

7. One of the primal differences between a true twin flame and a false twin flame is that a false relationship would always make you uncertain. It will always make you insecure and confused. A true relationship will tick all the boxes and bring in security in the relationship.

8. A false relationship will come up when you require to understand who you are and what you have. A true relationship will come by, when you realize that you need to use the powers that you have at your disposal for the eternal good.

9. A false relationship will never make you confident about a future together. You don’t know if you want it or not and you definitely have no idea about what your partner wants. A true relationship is all about setting stones on the road. They know that they want you and they will stay until the end of time. You wouldn’t have to worry.

10. A false relationship will never be truly intimate with one person. They would want many different people, and in the end simply lead you on. A true relationship is when that person can never ever be close to many people. They will simply want one individual and stick to them.

11. A false relationship would be jealous and afraid of your achievements and success. A true relationship would not just be elated, but also be a big part of your success.

12. A false relationship will teach you survival skills but a true relationship will show you the way to succeed in life.

13. A false relationship will bring about awakenings in just one partner while the other remains dormant. But in a true relationship, both partners would simultaneously achieve spiritual awakenings.

14. You and your twin flame will have a common idea for the future. But you and a false twin flame will have somewhat different ideas about what the future could be which might destroy everything else.

15. In a false relationship, you will always think why the relationship took birth in the first place. What could have been the motive behind it. But in a true relationship, you will always know it in your subconscious that it was destined to happen.

So, you know where do you want to put your sights on?

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