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Dream Book For Spring 2019: Lucid & Prophetic Dreams

by consciousreminder
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by Linda Tint,
Contributing Author, Conscious Reminder

Spring is going to be longer than it’s expected, and clear summer vibe will not come immediately. At the transition time of nature awakening, dreams and their correct interpretation can become a key to establishing balance of body and mind.

There are two kinds of the most useful dreaming – lucid dreams, and prophetic dreams. In lucid dreams, you can actually realize that you are dreaming and become a subject of the plot of your dream. You can force events of your dream and awake at any moment you want.

Lucid dreams help us to rise confidence and self-control. In prophetic dreams, unconsciousness works in a specifically intensive way, summarizing our impressions experienced for a longer period of time.

On a base of this summary, unconsciousness makes a “conclusion” about where our life is going, and this conclusion is expressed metaphorically in a plot of obscured images that usually entail archetypes – mythological plots and ancient symbols which we may have never seen before. Interpretation of symbols and myths is important in understanding of a prophetic dream.

Here is a collection of a few symbols and motives of dreaming that will be the most actual this spring, and also their interpretation.


Flying in a dream is always a positive symbol which means development of authenticity and realization of possibilities. Flight above forests and natural landscapes marks development of self-control. Flight as a way of escape from danger means that you should take a distant observing position in a situation.

Blood, or bleeding

If you dream entails bleeding, it’s a positive sign if bleeding is not followed by your death. If you bleed and survive, it’s a sign of renewal and healing processes in organism. If you bleed and die, blood is a symbol of exhaustion. Negative dream about blood signals need in rest and break.

Death from a knife

Negative symbol which means that you are used, or manipulated.

Ex-lover, or forgotten friend

Appearance of negative people from the past in our dreams means that our unconsciousness didn’t let them go yet, and it’s important to contact them, or to break free from the connection by other way. It’s important in order to free a part of unconsciousness which wastes a lot of our energy on unfinished conflicts and situations.

Childhood place

Appearance of a house or a place where you used to spend childhood in your dream is always important. In case your childhood was happy and positive, the dream reminds you who you really are and what you enjoy in life. Unconsciousness marks that you should remember your joy and authenticity as a prerogative, in a situation which you live at the moment. If your childhood was not happy, appearance of a scary or uncomfortable place from your past can be a marker of roots of your anxiety.

Run from danger, or monster

Positive dream, which means that you are actively leaving a negative part of your personality, or life experience, behind.

Falling into the abyss, or darkness

You may dream that you are falling somewhere, losing sense of control, when your body needs relaxation and rest from physical stress.


Appearance of a cat, or other contact animal, in dreams, signifies experience of lack of emotional connections. If the animal is aggressive and attacks you in the dream, unconsciousness signals that your increased need in emotional exchange is dangerous for your health. If you don’t try to make a close emotional connection in life, it may result in somatization, like headache without organic reason.

Lover, or partner

Appearance of a lover in erotic image or romantic plot of a dream is not always a good sign. It can mean that a person you are in love with provokes unnecessary unconscious activity in your mind, which means that you are not in a harmony with that person. The dream may signalize that you developed a need in a person who doesn’t care about you as much as you want. It also can mean that you don’t know the person very well, and lack of this knowledge affects your understanding of your relationship, as you are unaware of life motives of your partner.


Mother is always a strong symbol in a dream, which most often means your struggle with ambition. Appearance of mother figure in a dream means that you are taking a childish position in life and avoid responsibility. The dream may signalize that it’s important to change your position in life in order to become self-complete.


Wedding is usually a happy event celebrated among the closest friends, and in a dream image of wedding means personality changes that you need to reflect, mark in your life and discuss with people you trust.


Positive symbol, which means that you are going to be productive and creative if you will care about yourself and won’t risk your health.

War battle

Archetype which can predict your success or loss in a career or family. If you carefully analyze how the war began and how it proceeded, you may make useful conclusions about how you should solve your conflict in real life. If you see a Trojan horse in your dream – the way historical Achaeans took Troy – you should beware making sharp original decision which can cause even bigger troubles. If you are defending a fortress in your dream, you may have a similar situation in your life. If you lose – for example, you don’t have enough warriors, or the gates of fortress are too vulnerable – you can apply this metaphorical knowledge of your weakness in a dream to reality. If in real life you have a moral conflict, you can strengthen or change your position, or you can strengthen your social status and allies.

Disk, or an object in a form of circle

Archetype which signifies sun, and circle nature of life processes. If you are attacked by an object in a form of circle it’s a negative sign which means that you are suppressing your natural way of being and/or instincts, when it would be the best not to. If you create an object in a form of circle, it’s a positive sign meaning that you live in harmony with nature.

Sea coming out of its shores

By this image unconsciousness signifies your emotional overflow. Amount of your affection towards particular person, who doesn’t give it back to you, or towards not really important situation, takes too much of your energy, which you could use for solving more realistic problems or building healthy relationship. The dream often means that you should take your time with a person you are dating and change your emotional background. The dream also often signifies that the situation you are inclined in is not that meaningful as you expect.

Dead man, or ghost

When your unconsciousness is weak, you become vulnerable and your decisions can be unlucky for you. It’s important to pay attention to negative dreams, in which ghosts, vampires and other dark archetypes arrive. If you are aware of those dreams, you know that decisions made by you at that time of your life should be double-checked. It’s the best time for taking advises and asking for opinions and support in decision-making.

Planets in unusual form, or amount, coming to the Earth

It can be a dream about meteor falling, planets coming closer to Earth, for example a circle of planets surrounding it. This type of dream presents an archetype of apocalypses and cosmic collapse, experienced by planets that existed long before Earth and our solar system. This dream signalizes that your unconsciousness is on a peak of activity and connection with collective unconsciousness. At the time of your life when you see this dream, you can make extreme decisions, big changes and cardinal rethinking. Those changes will only be for your benefit, because your strengthened unconsciousness would be an effective guide.

Aliens, animated toys, or strange unnatural creatures who try to talk or be friendly

Another archetype, which signifies power of unconsciousness. Your connection with your unconsciousness gets stronger, if you manage to make contact with aliens or peculiar creatures in your dream. They present embodiment of cosmic power and sea of possibilities that are lying in a collective unconsciousness. By making contact with this part of unconsciousness, quite unavailable in usual state of mind, you release a big amount of energy and intuition. This type of dreams makes us more powerful and strong-minded.

Plot of a dream which entails future of humanity, or unusual events of future in which you participate

In a dream about future of humanity, or future civilization, unconsciousness usually signals that you have lack of confidence in your perspectives, and also marks need in active search of new ways of self-realization. Details of a dream about mankind future may help to find a solution of your search in life.

Whatever you do in the future civilization presented in your dream, if it brings you joy and excitement, – unconsciousness marks that by this way you will be happy. If you do something in your dream that makes you suffer, it means that a similar activity in your real life will make you unhappy.

If you make a circus performance in your dream and you like it, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should find a job in a circus. However, it means that activity with an element of performance – be it teaching, or artistic hobby, or music performances, would make you more authentic.

If you enjoy being a warrior in the dream about future, it doesn’t mean that you have to go to the army in order to be happy. However it means that activity, or work, in which you can co-work on strategy in a good team, is the best for you. If in your dream you have a partner, pay attention to his, or her, image, because it’s an image of a perfect partner, as your unconsciousness defines it for you.

If it’s a supporting man from Mars, with whom you are happy, you should pay attention to similar figures in your real life – think who it can be, someone from another planet. If it’s a more dominant and Earthly figure, like a president of dystopian government where you live, you should pay attention to similar figures in your life. The dream may signify that you ought to initiate changes, in order to be syntonic with archetypes and yourself.

Enjoy your spring, and dream lucid!

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