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Mercury Retrograde In Cancer & Leo: Emotional Turmoil With A Sprinkle Of Attention Seeking

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by Conscious Reminder

A retrograde is a time when a planet seems to be going backwards from Earth, though it does not actually do so. It just appears to be that way.

Mercury retrograde is quite common and takes place about 3 or 4 times. It stays for a couple of weeks. During this retrograde, we go through a storm and shadow period.

The shadow period begins when the planet turns direct and ends when it hits the point of the Zodiac on which the retrograde happens. Then it approaches the storm period – moving at its slowest – lower than 40 minutes a day.

That’s the time when you feel its effect. After all, Mercury is fast and when it has to slow down, it doesn’t like the state. Generally, Mercury retrogrades have two storm periods and then, it goes direct again.

This time, Mercury retrograde takes place in Leo, first. Some drama is going to come on you this time. Leos love to make mountains out of molehills. Plus, Leos love their fair share of attention, and they would take it somehow.

Leo rules over love – hence, affection and love are something that will be part of your life during this period. But like Leo, you will try to gain control over it.

Since Leo loves to play around, we do not quite know what and who we will fall in love with. Maybe it could be an activity we love to do. Maybe we can just go out for a vacation. Leo is creative so, don’t let that creativity die out.

This Mercury retrograde commences on 7th July at 7:14 PM ET and concludes on 31st July at 11:58 PM ET. The shadow period is 23rd June – 15th August. The first storm period is 29th June – 19th July, and the second storm period is 23rd July – 7th August.

The retrograde commences at 4 degrees Leo, so Leos born between 25th – 30th July will have its most impact. The retrograde concludes at 23 degrees Cancer, so Cancerians born between 13th to 19th July faces its most impactful energy.

Mercury also goes into retrograde in Cancer, on 19th July. Cancer is emotional so get ready for a huge emotional ride coming your way. Find support and comfort in your family. Don’t let the outside world influence you too much.

There is a chance that you feel a bit insecure inside. It’s fine – your emotions are speaking out. Just don’t lash out at this moment. Be a bit flexible and adapt to the situation. Your family will help you out.

While the retrograde is happening, there will be a lunar eclipse as well, happening in Capricorn, on 16th July.

Mercury is going to be opposite it and it will bring a huge impact on our lives. Emotions will be really high during this period and so, it is necessary for Capricorn and Cancer to find a balance during this period.

Three aspects will be coming your way when Mercury turns retrograde. There will be a conjunction with Mars in transit on 8th July. It will bring in huge energy which is both reckless and impatient. Plus, the retrograde will make a hard aspect with the transit of Uranus in Taurus. It is an alignment which wants us to be careful and cautious.

On 21st July, Mercury will be making a conjunction with the Sun. It is an inferior one, but you get the chance to concentrate on something new for about six weeks. Mercury retrograde will also conjunct with Venus in Cancer on 24th July, so it will bring up pleasant energy with a dose of balance and compromise. There’s also a chance of accidents too. Plus, Cancer is all about home and motherland – so, that’s scary.

23rd to 25th July has Mercury stand at a critical degree with some energy fluctuations taking place. 19 to 20th July will bring Mercury to an anaretic degree or the last degree of the sign which on the other hand, make it even crazier.

So, this time, Mercury retrograde is going to be a bit doozy. Stay prepared.

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