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The 7 Rays of Light

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The 7 Rays has been known for thousands of years by the Upanishads and Hinduism. It is where our hidden powers lies.

When we harness them, we are harnessing the powers of light and raising our spiritual consciousness.

But the teachings of the 7 Rays have become largely distorted. Below is the true teachings of the 7 Rays.

The 7 Fold of Creation

Pythagoreas was the first Greek in late 6th century B.C. to introduce the word “Philosophy”.

When he left to travel, he realized that the major religions all had One primary god and the holy 7 helpers who accompanies the One.

“The esoteric doctrine was once known in every ancient country ever having claim to civilization.” – Blavatsky

The fundamental beliefs were at the heart of every ancient systems who knew not of the other.

When we think of the Mystery School, we think of gurus and mystics.

The ancients had advanced scientists who were multi-knowledgeable in astrology, mathematics, geometry, alchemy, medicine, architecture, harmonics, geology, etc.

At the core, their spirituality was highly practical.

They all believed that the “Sun” was considered to be the eternal source of life.

The Sun = One Infinite Mind/ Creator.

7 Helpers = wavelengths of visible light.

In other teachings, it is known as the 7 Hierarchies of Dhyan Chohans, the 7 Planetary Hierarchies, the 7 Sacred Planets, the 7 Gods, the 7 Dhyani Buddhas, the 7 Kumaras, the 7 Holy Immortals or the Amesha Spentas, Buddha’s 7 Treasures, the 7 Archangels, and the 7 Elohim.

All which means the same thing…

From here the ancients used the Principle of Correspondence to unlock the spiritual power of the human soul, the nature of reality, and our deeper psychology.

The 7 Fold of Creation is found in all the parts of life and it is where you can awaken your powers within.

The 7 Rays of Light

What is the “Ray”?

Ray means the radiating light from the Centered Sun. But not the physical Sun, it is the spiritual Sun or the Universal Sun.

From the “Sun” radiates the 7 rays of light from the centered core.

Each ray contains a different color which represents different levels of frequencies. Each levels of frequencies are a different form of energy.

If you look at a prism, you’ll find that white light is the combination of the 7 visible light spectrum.

The 7 rays are the prism of the Spiritual Sun which emanates from its core.

But what do we mean “The Sun or the Spiritual Sun?”

The “Sun” is a metaphor for the Creator/ Universal Consciousness which comes forth into the manifested universe.

There are 2 things one must understand to grasp the “Sun.”

1. There is the One Infinite Mind and Consciousness.

The physical world and all of life is the manifestation of the One Infinite Mind.

It is unknowable and undefinable because we are only fragments of the One Infinite Mind.

But through its effect we can see its existence. It is everywhere, it is alive, it is nature.

In theosophical teachings, this One Infinite Mind is called the Logos and it is the Universal Energy of life and light of the Universe.

2. The Universe we know is a cycle of beginnings and ends.

Life is not eternal. It is a cycle. It has a beginning and end with a definite time period.

For every 311,040,000,000,000 years, the Universe will be absorbed into the One Infinite Mind and then total darkness for 4,320 million years, according to the “Secret Doctrine.”

Then a new evolution begins again and has been done so for eternity.

When the Bible speaks of the 7 Days of Creation, it was not speaking “Days” according to human time.

How long is 7 days in eternity?

One day = 4,320 million years. So we are looking at trillions of years into the making.

It is why “The Present” is ever so powerful because your past and future is Today, according to the Universe’s perspective.

So what is the Spiritual Sun?

It is a Divine Principle, it is Life itself.

“The ‘Central Sun’ is simply the center of Universal life – Electricity” – H.P. Blavatsky

Applying the 7 Rays

When applied the Principle of Correspondence, the ancient scientists discovered that we reflect the 7 rays of light in our body and applied the principles to harness them.

The Universe have 7 invisible forces that makes up Life. These are the 7 energetic patterns that We need to master thyself.

Each ray is a distinct state of consciousness with distinct powers.

We are, first and foremost, beings of light, created by light and reflected by the 7 rays of light.

Our light body is known as the invisible layer behind the physical body – the etheric body.

The 7 rays:

1st Ray – Red
2nd Ray – Orange
3rd Ray – Yellow
4th Ray – Green
5th Ray – Blue
6th Ray – Indigo
7th Ray – Violet

In Sanskrit, the names were written down in the following order: Sushumna, Harikesa, Viswakarman, Viswatryarchas, Sannaddha, Sarvavasu, and Swaraj.

To apply the 7 rays of light, you need 3 things to harness your natural power: Love, Wisdom, and Compassion.

You simply lead a life of awareness and harmlessness with the motivation to help others.

The connection of the 7 rays of light and its meaning to man has coined the term “The Seven-Fold Nature of Man” and is harnessed through the 7 Chakras.

…but that is another topic altogether.

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