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Mercury Retrograde: When Tech & Communications Go Haywire

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

The beginning of the end is near. Just kidding, it’s only Mercury retrograde.

Mercury is the communicator’s planet, ruling gossip, information, technology, news, and travel. When it is in retrograde, we can expect setbacks in all areas of life that the planet is said to govern.

If you’re reading this, you most likely use technology for the majority of your communication. Every Mercury retrograde affects cell phones, smartwatches, tablets, laptops, desktops, and any other technological forms of communication you use.

It may sound negative, but Mercury retrogrades are a great time to rework anything that is no longer working for you. This means it’s a great time to fine-tune your communication methods to your specific needs in order to avoid any annoying inconveniences Mercury may throw your way.

Here are 10 tips and tricks to help you get through the next Mercury retrograde without any tech or text-related blunders. Granted, many of these pointers are useful even in mild astro-weather, but they’ll be especially useful when Merc is at work.

• Avoid Texting About Important Topics:

To avoid misunderstandings, call rather than text someone when you have something important to say. Being clear over the phone can be more effective than sending a text with your favorite emoji. I understand that people dislike phone calls, but I believe that phone calls can help prevent miscommunications.

• Sing Before Your Next Phone Call:

Sing if you ever feel like a cat has your tongue before answering the phone or making a call. Seriously. Sing a couple of lines from whatever song is stuck in your head. (May we recommend a BTS bop?) Singing is the most effective way to express yourself and cleanse your throat chakra. This should help you express yourself more clearly.

• Carry a Portable Charger:

Always keep a portable charger on hand, especially if you’re expecting an important call. Don’t let your phone, laptop, or smartwatch reach 1% while you’re out — especially not during Mercury retrograde.

• Make a backup of your files:

Do you have an important presentation coming up? Make a backup of your files. You’ll want to avoid scrambling at the last minute to find your files during Mercury retrograde, whether you’re backing up to the cloud, emailing your presentation to yourself, or loading your documents onto a USB.

• Avoid Getting Lost in Your Inbox:

Keeping track of emails, texts, phone calls, and chats can be difficult enough, but when Mercury goes retrograde, expect lost emails and misunderstandings. Using Outlook rules, for example, can help you stay organized. Organizing your emails, regardless of which platform you use, will help you stay focused and respond to people on time.

• Close Your Tabs and Apps:

It’s critical to close Zoom windows immediately after a meeting to avoid an embarrassing situation. Close your tabs before a meeting so nothing strange appears when you need to share your screen.

• Check everything twice:

Avoid the classic Mercury retrograde annoyance: stupid mistakes. Drafting your post, email, or whatever; taking a break; and then returning to it to ensure that everything you wrote makes sense. (Spell check is also at your disposal right now.)

• Don’t Scroll Your FYP Before Bed:

We know it’s tempting to scroll your TikTok FYP (“For You page”) before bed, but you’ll want to avoid doing so during a retrograde. The electricity will disrupt your sleep because you’re thinking a lot during Mercury retrograde… so you don’t want to be exposed to technology before going to bed” to get a good night’s sleep.

• Attend Online Meetings Early:

Being on time for your meetings will help you avoid any last-minute technical issues. Arrive early, even if you’re using Zoom. Prepare yourself. That way, you know your camera and headphones are working, your background is professional, you can’t see your sweatpants, and you’re ready to share your screen if necessary.

• Give Your Electronics an Energetic Cleanse:

To avoid people prying into your life through your electronics, give them an energetic cleanse. How do you cleanse your electronics energetically now? Naturally, a black tourmaline stone is extremely beneficial for cleansing and protection. So what I like to do is stack my computer, iPad, and phone one on top of the other, and then place the stone on top of them while I sleep. Just make sure the stone is covered with a cloth. People who want to look into your life can do so if you have that stone exposed.

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