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Saturn Goes Retrograde April 29th: Time To Grow Up

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by Conscious Reminder

Do not plunge into panic mode after reading the words “Saturn retrograde”. You’ve got this! This year has been a rollercoaster ride in terms of relationships and professional commitments.

You have felt completely clueless and overwhelmed with the energies messing with your mind. We have good news for you! Saturn will be in retrograde from April 29 until September 18. Does it seem like a stretch? This period will force you to act as you think instead of procrastinating and letting time slip.

Saturn is the taskmaster of the zodiac. It is associated with discipline, dedication, karma, and order. The vibes of this season will make you a lot more responsible and you will make some important decisions.

You need to be efficient and hustle toward your goals. Yes, adulting is kind of boring, but if you are doing things that bring you joy, your career won’t suffer a blow. Saturn has been moving through Capricorn since 2017.

This deadly combination is bound to make you more serious about your personal and professional growth. The retrograde will also demand a lot of introspection and retrospection.

It is time for you to revisit your follies and note how far you have come. It is natural to feel demotivated at times, but the struggle will remind you that you are on the right path. Take a deep breath and do what is expected of you.

There is nothing to worry about as Saturn is not as intense or brutal as Mercury, Venus, or Mars. You will see a gradual change and not a chaotic one.

Time to catch up with karma

What is karma? According to Encyclopaedia Britannica, Karma, in Indian religion and philosophy is the universal causal law by which good or bad actions determine the future modes of an individual’s existence.

So why should you be bothered? This is the period where you either enjoy the fruits of your labor or face negative outcomes. It is like your school report card, where you get an ‘A’ if you have put in the required effort or an ‘F’, if you have slacked.

Evaluation is the key this season. Did you work toward your desired target? Have you planned your path? Did you make choices at the heat of the moment or did you invest some thought? Are you focusing on the things that demand your attention? If you have been consistent, you will be rewarded. Your hard work will pay off, leaving you content.

On the other hand, if you have been lazy and did not work on your goal; if you slacked and did not do your research, you will face the music now. In fact, if you have only eaten junk all this while, you might even fall sick. Whatever happens, think of it as an evaluation sheet – look, understand and know that you can always do better.

Start taking things seriously

Whether you are satisfied with what you have achieved so far or you feel ashamed for all the thing you haven’t, work harder this retrograde. The first step of adulting is taking things seriously.

You do not need to compromise on spontaneity and creativity – you just have to use them smartly. Yes, routines can feel deadly, but certain things won’t wait for your convenience, for example, bills. Try to get your priorities sorted so that you know when to do what.

If you are feeling stuck, utilize this period to bring some small changes. You might be on the wrong track, doing something you hate and yearning for something different. You cannot expect to excel in a field that you’re not passionate about.

Try and focus on the big picture. If you feel you are slogging, try to find inspiration in small tasks. Once you see that you’re making progress, you will work harder and reach your goal.

Self-knowledge is important

Saturn expects you to hustle but you need to establish certain boundaries. You cannot work day in and day out because you’ll drain your creative juices.

It is very important to stay motivated and find the best path to achieve your goal. Know how far you can go and while it is okay to step out of your comfort zone, don’t end up hurting yourself mentally or physically.

It is said, a person who has the answer to every question is not a genius. A genius is a person who has the patience to get to every answer. So, evolve and learn. This is your time to become a mature adult.

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