13 Ways You Can Shield Yourself From Negative Energies

by Conscious Reminder

We are all surrounded by negative energies, and bringing those energies home may affect us quite a lot. The homes we live in are meant to be the safe haven for us, so protecting them from negative energies will be something that we always have to do.

When negative energies are quite prominent, we are going to be more upset. Although there are times when we have to accept the negativity of something, we also have to have the ability to overcome such things.

It is essential to protect ourselves from negativities, and it is even more important to learn how to protect ourselves, in order to move forward in life.

Here are the 13 ways we can work in order to protect ourselves from the negative energies in our lives:

1. We should not obsess over our problems or other people’s problems

Obsessing over our problems will not do us any good. When we are more obsessed, we give in more to negativity. Although it can be quite challenging to do it, it is actually something we really have to work at.

2. We should practice the so-called white light meditation

This type of meditation is really something which we have to do when we wake up, in order to make sure that we don’t bring home negative energies. Practicing white light meditation is going to take us just several minutes, and it will really help us in protecting ourselves.

3. Focus ourselves on self-care more than on anything else

When we build ourselves up, we are not going to be open to advances caused by negative energies. We should focus our attention more on self-care, and make sure that our energies are, in fact, positive.

4. Sage smudging

This is definitely among the most helpful and effective things mentioned here. We should simply get sage sticks for this purpose, and burn the sticks while we are walking through our home, with one intention in mind: removing negative energies. This is going to refresh things quite a bit.

5. We should surround ourselves with happy people

We should not allow chronically unhappy people in our lives. We should simply surround ourselves with some people that make us happy. When they are happier, they will make us happier too.

6. We should learn how we can release other energies prior to coming home

We should stop holding other people’s energies. When a person goes through something, we have to have the ability to make a difference between our problems and theirs. This is going to take some time, of course, but when we work more at it will definitely become much easier.

7. We should cut negative individuals out of our lives

We should simply stop permitting negative individuals to take part in our lives. When someone brings us down, we should stop each contact with him or her. We are not obliged to let some people in our lives that we don’t want around.

8. We should add crystals to our home, or simply wear them

Crystals can be found in many different types, and each of them has its specific positive properties. Black Tourmaline, Hematite, and Black Onyx are the best ones for removing such negative energies.

9. We should reduce the levels of stress in our life

We should never permit stress to rule our lives. We should simply reduce stress in our lives in the appropriate way. When something bothers us, we have to make all the changes we want, in order to overcome that.

10. We should not try to fix everything or everyone

We can’t fix each problem which comes in front of us. Sometimes, we simply need to let the things go entirely, as it is not even ours with which we should deal. We should know our limits.

11. We can work better to cleanse our aura

We can clean our aura in every way that we want to. One of the best options would be taking a salt bath and meditating throughout. We have to make sure that our intent gets through in the proper way.

12. We should open the windows and doors

We should simply open every window and door of our home. This is going to permit the negative energies in our home to get out. When we do this frequently, the energies in front of us are going to become less heavy.

13. We should set appropriate boundaries in our lives.

We should simply not say yes to everything or everyone. We should do everything we want and build a life which we feel that we deserve. We hold ourselves back in various ways, more than we might even realize.

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