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Here’s What To Expect From The Week Of August 5th

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by Conscious Reminder

The main focus of the entire week is to seek the truth at all costs. We must not allow any deception or falsehood to complicate our existence. We need to believe in our abilities and make sure that we get all that we deserve.

Mercury’s movement in Cancer might lead to several emotional issues cropping up. Venus’s movement in Leo would bring in a dollop of flair and aesthetics to whatever we do. Mars would also be moving through Leo in the week, so we also need to be elegant in our words and actions.

Now, let’s see what the zodiacs have in store.


Learn to be in sync with the child inside you. Maybe at a young age it already knew what would give it peace. Mercury would be in Cancer for the week, so you might as well organize some rituals in your home that would look after your welfare. Don’t get worried or disappointed if things don’t look up immediately- they will eventually.


You should get back to your ancestral roots now. Else, you might miss out on a lot. Maybe you have something in the near future, and the solution lies with someone of an older frame of mind?

With Sun in the 4th house, you might feel the urge to bring in some color in your life. Renovate, whitewash, do whatever that gives you pleasure. Also, your financial guide Mercury would be in Cancer, so respect your hard-earned money.


Communications will be clear, there will be no misunderstandings for the Sun would be in your third house. You will have quite a pleasant week. Mercury moving through Cancer is going to make you want to throw parties for people you are close to. Just don’t sweat it out.


You need to realize that everything that you do is going to bring about a result in your life. When you are down, think about everything that you have persevered through. It would give you the strength to do it again. Also, the Sun is going to very insightful in your second house, so you must keep a tab on your finances.  With Mercury moving direct, you also need to meditate on certain changes instead of jumping straight into the action.


Don’t do the same things again and again. Mix and match. Since the Sun would be in your first house, it would allow you to connect and entertain people. Mercury is still in a retro shade, so you should realize that you are still not out of the swamps. Venus is going to help you take some leaps in your career.


Get hustling, as you find results to your actions. You need to do good on your word. Since the Sun is in the twelfth house, you need to understand who you are, and how you can further develop yourself. With Mercury moving through Cancer, you need to create boundaries between your personal and professional life. Both are important, but in their own time.


It is good that you care for other’s opinions, but don’t let your own voice die down. You might have some important ideas too. Let the world hear them. As the Sun comes in your 11th house, start making and establishing relationships with your peers and colleagues.


You need to realize your own worth, for no one else will. If you are struggling, this week will really be a boon to you in that regard. With Mars and Venus moving into Leo, you would attain new heights in social and romantic relationships. And if you include that with your Sun, it would result in a healthy work environment that is going to be conducive to you.


You really need to go on a vacation because you have been doing everything spick and span. Also, with Mercury moving in Cancer, it would also give you time to deal with any and all misunderstanding that might come up. But remember, you still need to be careful.


You need to mind your health and your welfare at the same time. It doesn’t matter if you use someone else’s help to do something. With Mercury going through Cancer, you anyway need to change certain things that would help with your health and wealth.


Strangers might become lovers for all you know. With Sun in your 7th house, you should make some moves towards love. And regardless of your attachment to someone, Sun would trine Jupiter to bring in some good luck in your life.


Your health matters above everything else. Find harmony and a balance with whatever you do, and see to it that it doesn’t affect your health. Focus on your health, and let the Sun in the 6th house deal with the wealth.

Have a safe week ahead.

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