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If You Have To Ask Him For These 12 Things, He Is Not Your Man

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by Conscious Reminder

For sure, every man has his flaws, and he will not always bring flowers to his woman, or he will not be romantic all the time. Men are human beings, and they will make mistakes.

However, when a woman has to ask the man she is dating actually to do something about her constantly, then that man is definitely not for her.

Here are some things which are a MUST, and when you are obligated to ask your man for them, then you should rethink the relationship between you two:

Visiting your family

When you are obligated to ask your man whether you can visit those who mean the world to you or not, you should stop the relationship immediately. A person that really cares and thinks about you will never hold you far from the family that raised you.

Spending time together with you

When you wait for your man to find some time to be together with you, you should not hold the breath for a minute more. It will be the right time to search for someone else.

What you can’t or can eat

Well, you aren’t four years old. When he tells you what you are permitted to eat, you can literally slap him with your cheeseburger.

Going out, but without any of his friends

When your man always brings his friends when going out, and he does not make some time to spend with us, he isn’t your boyfriend. Rather than that, he should date those friends he continually brings out.

Being nice to people you really care about

Because he is your man, respecting the ones you love should be something common. When he mistreats them, you should know what comes next.

Giving you some space

We all need space sometimes. We also need time only for ourselves, which is a huge necessity in our lives. We don’t want someone to be with us all the time, and we are sure that every woman in this world will agree.

What you are allowed to do when it comes to your body – makeup, hair, piercing, etc.

Being unique human beings, we are meant to have the ability to express ourselves; however, we please. A woman should not let her man tell her that she can’t get her hair done in a particular way, and so on.

Letting you inside in his world

Although you don’t care about every action or motion of your man during the day, a husband, or boyfriends, has to inform you about some important things happening in his life.

Letting you know the reason for him being upset

Communication and conversation are definitely needed in every relationship. When your man cannot tell you the reason he feels upset, especially with you, it means that he isn’t prepared for this relationship as an adult being. Discuss the problems, so that you can work them out.

Going out with some friends of yours

You are not supposed to ask him for permission when it comes to doing things which everybody else does, although he is the partner or boyfriend in your life. You should go out and have fun with friends. You don’t need any permission.

Respecting you

When your partner starts belittling you, or invading your limits, and doing something you asked him never to do again, he will not obey you. He will be disrespectful, and respect is the key to every relationship.

Understanding you when you aren’t feeling good

There are going to be many bad days during our lifetimes, and we are going to be sick, regardless of it is physically, or life will simply drain us. When this happens, if your man does not help and understand you, he is probably never going to consider you.

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