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Weekly Astrology Report For November 5th -11th 2018 Has Landed

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Divine feminine: rising!

This Tuesday, November 6, the moon’s North Node, AKA, the “cosmic destiny point,” leaves Leo’s gilded palace and decamps to Cancer’s watery hearth until May 5, 2020. As the sign that rules families, domestic affairs and the divine feminine. After a year-plus of ego-trips, elitism and tempestuous Twitter wars (the shadow side of the Leo North Node), the world’s “sensitivity chip” may finally be reinstalled.

Also, on Tuesday, “power to the people” Uranus—whose radical style has been undeniably cramped since shifting into Taurus this past May 15—retreats back into combative Aries from Tuesday until March 6, 2019, which could fire up activists AND autocrats alike. This four-month transit is Uranus’ final lap through the Ram’s realm for another eighty-plus years. From March 11, 2011, until May 15, 2018, the side-spinning planet tore up the political landscape, bringing major awakenings and outcries around the globe: The Arab Spring, Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter and The Women’s March, to name a few. We also saw the emergence of some scary factions like ISIS and the alt-right. With game-changer Uranus retrograde in Aries until January 6, 2019, then direct until March 6, we may see another surge of “take it to the streets” protests and a demand for marginalized voices to REALLY be heard…a culmination of the last eight years of revolutionary efforts that have played out on the world stage.
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And if that wasn’t enough to make your head spin, Wednesday brings a new moon in Scorpio, riling up everyone’s desire to give our lives a sexy and extreme makeover. This is also the final day of truth-seeking Jupiter’s thirteen-month tour through Scorpio, a time that revived the #MeToo movement and brought issues of sexual harassment and abuse into the headlines like never before.

THEN, on Thursday, November 8, get ready for a heavenly homecoming party as Jupiter returns to its home sign of Sagittarius until December 2, 2019, its first visit here in over a decade! (The last sojourn was December 2007 to January 2009.) This bridge-building cycle could bring back the love between warring factions and help to foster open dialogues between cultures and socioeconomic groups. While the North Node in Cancer may evoke a nationalist mindset, Jupiter in Sagittarius will call for globalist thinking. If ever there were a time that the world needed to come together—if only to preserve the planet itself(!)—it is here and now.

# Aries

Got some loose ends to tie up, Aries? On Tuesday, November 6, revolutionary Uranus—who electrified your sign from March 11, 2011, until this May 15, 2018—retreats back into Aries for one last, dynamic hurrah. Your life may have gone through some major upheaval AND game-changing shifts over the past seven-plus years. As you host Uranus until March 6, 2019 (in retrograde until January 6, 2019), you’ll have a rare chance to write the epilogue to this particular chapter of life. Is there still something edgy and experimental you’re dying to try? Or maybe you’re ready to turn everything that you learned into a teachable moment to share with others on a similar path. Use the next four months to wrap things up and write those songs. Since Uranus only visits your sign every 84 years, you probably won’t experience the side-spinning planet’s eccentric effect again in this lifetime. And after March 6, life will become more stable and yes, predictable. Even as the zodiac’s adrenaline junkie, you’re probably jonesing for more serenity. But the shake-ups since 2011 have taught you SO much. Wherever you’re standing now, make it your mission to crystallize the lessons that have emerged from the chaos, and even turn them into your operating principles for life.

Wednesday’s new moon in Scorpio could act like an erotic booster pack for your life. With Venus spending most of October retrograde in Scorpio, you may have felt that your mojo was in slow-mo. If so, commit to getting back in tune with your body through regular movement and self-care. (Time for that hot stone massage?) If a repeat performer returned for a romantic encore, you may gain clarity about whether or not to proceed. Or maybe you’re longing for greater depth and connection with people who you date, or your long-term partner. Turn the key in that ignition by being powerfully vulnerable and giving the object of your affections more access to your private thoughts. Even the people closest to you can never really read your mind, Ram. And if you could be a bit more proactive about “creating the mood,” those sexy embers may blaze up fast!

Of course, there’s only so much introspection you can handle before you HAVE to shake things up with some fun and adventure. Well, get ready for thirteen months of exploration in every sense! On Thursday, November 8, expansive and optimistic Jupiter blazes into Sagittarius and your ninth house of travel and immense growth on all levels. Between now and December 2, 2019, your world will get a whole lot bigger, louder, faster and more exciting. If you’re willing to take some chances and go along for the ride, this dynamic Jupiter phase can hurtle you into a whole new level of success. Jupiter hasn’t visited this sector of your chart in nearly 13 years, and won’t return for an equally long timespan, so if you’ve been thinking about stretching your wings, you owe it to yourself to give ’em a flap. The ninth house may loosen your lips, too, inspiring you to actually articulate what’s on your mind and in your heart—and maybe even write a book or scripted series about it, since this is the realm of publishing and media. Jupiter’s jog through this self-motivated realm is a boon for entrepreneurial Rams. Freelancers will have opportunities in the coming year to expand your client roster. But don’t wait for people to randomly find you through LinkedIn or other professional avenues. Tap the global, risk-taking energy of the ninth house and reach out to clients you’d like to work with. If you’re cool with your current gig but would like to work more independently, become more “intrapreneurial” and propose a new initiative that can give you that freedom. What areas has the company been looking to branch out into? Make it your business in the next few months to come up with an offer they can’t refuse. You may need to update your own skill set with advanced training, but ultimately that will only be a good thing for you!

# Taurus

Ever since revolutionary Uranus zoomed into your sign on May 15 of this year—literally its first visit to Taurus since 1942—you may have embraced (or endured) some sweeping changes that set your life onto a brand new trajectory. Uranus entering your sign can feel like a powerful earthquake. You might even be struggling to find solid ground under your feet. Your methodical sign generally prefers change to roll in at a glacial pace. But if you’re being honest with yourself, wasn’t this “upheaval” kind of overdue? Sometimes it takes a gale force, like hosting disruptor Uranus in your sign, to break you out of your rigid routines and insist you explore new directions—which is what you’ll have the chance to do during this transit, which lasts until April 2026. Nevertheless, you’ll be happy to hear that you get a little “celestial savasana” from the chaos starting this Tuesday, November 6. Uranus slips back into Aries for one last hurrah before resuming its journey through Taurus on March 6, 2019. With your twelfth house of healing, transitions and divine inspiration lit, you may spend the next four months tying up so many loose ends. A job, relationship or affiliation that’s been in your life while Uranus toured Aries since March 2011 could be coming to an end—or shape-shifting into something that fits the Taurus of today. Though your sentimental sign resists an ending, remember that a goodbye can also be a hello…to a better way of relating to people, participating in organizations, or calibrating the GPS of your life. Don’t resist the emotions that come up. You may need to cut some codependent cords or just put different boundaries in place with people who have come to lean on you in ways that don’t feel enjoyable anymore. This might bring tears, guilt, and many other uncomfortable feels, but ultimately, dealing will be healing.

Relationships that have felt imbalanced for a while could finally get back on even keel, thanks to Wednesday’s new moon in Scorpio. Have you been harboring a resentment? Come clean, Taurus, because secrets will only push you two further apart. Single Bulls may be lured back onto the dating scene, ready to apply the lessons of exes past and give someone new a chance. If you find someone worth swiping right for, by all means, tap that app. But if you’ve already seen every profile in your zip code, let that be your prompt to get out and mingle in real time. Jump into activities that speak to your deeper interests. Someone worth getting to know better could be seated next to you at that panel discussion on environmental activism or while sampling a flight of Pinots at a wine bar’s tasting night.

Another epic shift begins this Thursday, November 8, as lucky and life-enhancing Jupiter plunges into Sagittarius and your eighth house of deep bonding, sizzling seduction and financial power plays. You can stake your claim to toe-curling (and soul-satisfying) sex, taking more control of your life, and accumulating piles of money as the expansive planet simmers in this spot until December 2, 2019. During this electrifying transit, you can master the fine art of drawing exactly the right people into your life—accomplished, wildly creative types who are on your wavelength and, perhaps, even further along in their career paths than you. Single Bulls need to keep the bar high and not let anyone but serious contenders through the gate. Jupiter rules growth, expansion and exploration, and the eighth house is the domain of intimacy, eroticism and metaphysics. You could weave these together into the most inspirational AND aspirational relationship you’ve ever been in. During this Jupiter cycle, loyalty AND freedom are not mutually exclusive. Keep an open mind about different types of partners and arrangements, like a long-distance affair. A simmering connection could turn the “official” corner over the next year. But you’ll also need to watch out for obsessive thinking and derailing emotions, like jealousy or possessiveness. Attached Taureans may want to challenge themselves by stretching their boundaries during this cycle. You might enjoy taking a couple’s massage class or Tantric workshop, or sharing your wildest fantasies with bae. Simply being open to these things can be a serious turn-on. Because Jupiter is the lord of travel, going on a trip together can strengthen your bond. The destination almost doesn’t matter as long as you have plenty of privacy and sexy time on the itinerary. On the flip side, if you can’t reignite the embers of passion no matter what you do—including counseling—you may decide to consciously uncouple. Take the time to separate with kindness and gratitude, acknowledging all the positive things the union has brought you.

# Gemini

Is it time for a crew review? This Tuesday, November 6, transformational Uranus backs up into Aries and your eleventh house of friends, groups, technology and activism. The side-spinning planet has been buzzing through this part of your chart since March 2011, departing for Taurus this past May 15. But from November 6 to March 6, 2019, Uranus makes one final visit to the Ram’s realm, helping you sort out the real allies from the hangers-on. Certain recalibrations will be painless and may actually come as a huge relief, while others—having to unfriend a few people or deactivate your membership from a group you once loved—may be more agonizing. This is also the perfect time (if you haven’t lately) to Google yourself and see what comes up—and what impression the “virtual you” gives off. Update photos, even if you liked your look of six years ago better. You’ve got to be authentic, Gem! And if you have a professional website, make sure it clearly represents your work. This cycle might finally be the right time to invest in a brand developer or professional coaching. On the flip side, if you’d like a little more anonymity or could use a few “bonus” hours in your day, create more boundaries around your screen time. See how restful your sleep becomes if use an actual alarm clock instead of your phone—and keep communication devices OUT of the bedroom, so friends can’t text you at all hours of the night. It might be time to literally tell the nocturnal chatters that you’re keeping different hours! If you’ve been hovering on the periphery of a group that feels like home, you may finally commit to becoming a card-carrying member before next March 6.

Your wellness rituals—or lack thereof—come into focus this Wednesday as the annual new moon in Scorpio activates your salubrious sixth house. Consider this a self-care wakeup call, especially if you’ve been slipping into seasonal lethargy or have been eating leftover Halloween candy for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you live in a cool climate, swap kale Caesars for roasted veggies, butternut squash soup or other healthy delights that will warm you from the inside out. New work opportunities could crop up within days of Wednesday. Greet this good luck with preparedness! Polish up your online profiles so anyone searching your name can see your professionalism at a glance. Make sure your resume, LinkedIn, or any presentation materials are up to date. You might be asked to pitch or interview at a moment’s notice! Good thing your garrulous sign has a gift for charming on your feet.

Starting this Thursday, there’s a major sea change on your personal emotion ocean as auspicious, expansive Jupiter sails into Sagittarius and your seventh house of committed partnerships until December 2, 2019. The bold planet hasn’t been here since January 2009, and your twosome-oriented sign will welcome this love revolution. For the coming year-plus, you’ll be caught up in a major cycle of emotional growth, and regardless of your current status, you could set off for a “happily ever after” destination. The best part? With indie-spirited Jupiter helming this operative, you can write the rules of engagement to suit your tastes. If you’re a Gem who needs freedom to flirt no matter your status or would like things to be a little more “open,” you might attract a partner who is aligned with that. Or if you wish to travel often with friends (or by yourself), you may find someone who has zero desire to fence you in. That said, this thirteen-month cycle could bring some epic couples’ journeys for attached Twins, perhaps ones involving workshops or a shared spiritual quest. Look for new ways to co-create and connect that blend your interests—and don’t be surprised if your joint efforts evolve into a side hustle…or more! Single Gems should review your dating style. Have you been unconsciously limiting your success by only pursuing (or letting yourself be pursued by) a specific type? Throw away the rulebook, especially if it hasn’t been winning you games. Jupiter can’t help but widen your horizons and loosen your self-imposed restriction. And with the added confidence the red-spotted planet bestows, you may feel empowered to make the first move or allow yourself to be more open and accessible from the get-go. As the zodiac’s global ambassador, Jupiter could inspire a love connection with a fascinating person from a different cultural background or a long-distance affair.

# Cancer

Two steps forward, one step back? You might need to adjust your speed at work and in your public life starting Tuesday as retrograde Uranus falls back one spot on the game board, from Taurus into Aries and your tenth house of career and long-term goals until March 6, 2019. Although this may bring some chaos to your professional trajectory, take heart: This four-month circuit is the FINAL lap Uranus will run through your success sector for another 80-plus years! Plus, any shakeups might actually be happening in order to turn your attention to some innovative solutions and technology you wouldn’t otherwise consider. Since March 2011, the side-spinning planet’s tour through Aries has brought both excitement and instability to many a Cancer’s career. You may have found yourself craving greater independence or, perhaps, carving out a totally new role for yourself at your company…or in a different field! Wherever you’ve been beaming your influential powers, this last round of Uranus in Aries may inspire you to step into a role of greater leadership. Being the boss doesn’t mean getting swamped with busywork and being lonely at the top. Hustling IS noble, but not if it costs you your healthy or sanity. Now’s the time to start using technology to make your job more efficient or setting up systems and hiring capable contractors to whom you can delegate. If you’re still paying your dues as you break into your chosen field, strategic networking is the name of the game between now and March 6. Avail yourself to the office VIPs and start following the people who you admire in your industry. Repeat shows of devotion—and diligence—will not just help you get an oxford in the door, but may also score you an invite to walk on through.

Romantically, circle Wednesday as a hotspot, as the new moon in Scorpio shoots molten beams into your amorous, glamorous fifth house. A divine chapter may open up with the one you adore. Even if you’ve been together for years, be willing to look at them with fresh eyes. Single? You may surprise yourself by being uncharacteristically forward with a crush or Tinder cutie, even suggesting a meetup that very night. But there’s no need to rush it, Crab, especially if you’re worried about coming on too strong. While “carpe diem-ing” is never a bad idea during a new moon, what’s most important is that you’re planting seeds and signaling obvious interest. No prospects on the horizon? Some Hump Day bae-hunting could turn up at least one person worthy of a digits swap. Even though Venus is retrograde until November 16, you can start putting yourself out there again…if only as a warm-up pitch. Speaking of pitches, this new moon falls in your fame sector, making Wednesday an ideal time to promote your latest offerings. Circulate among the fabulous as often as possible. A weekend party could evolve into a networking event.

On Thursday, raise a glass of good cheer to your health—and we’re thinking something green and clean, Cancer. Propitious Jupiter sets up base camp in Sagittarius and your sixth house of wellness, fitness and streamlined living for the next 13 months. This is a MAJOR sea change, as the planet of luck, expansion and all things good only visits this sector once every 12.5 years. Get ready to tap the kind of vitality and strength you haven’t felt in years. And we haven’t even mentioned the radiant glow that will come from the inside. You don’t have to do this in one fell swoop, but since Jupiter is larger than life AND supports bold moves, why NOT? Sometime this weekend, change into your “cleaning house” costume, roll up your sleeves—literally or figuratively—and tackle those problem areas. You can start with a deep decluttering mission (so you’ll know what you need to deal with) of the pantry and fridge. After you’ve cleared out the energy-zapping, processed junk food, replace with farmer’s market fare and health food store staples. Pick workouts or classes you actually love and commit to showing up regularly. (Pro tip: Put the days and times right in your calendar like you would for any commitment.) For added motivation, pre-reward yourself with a couple cute new gym or yoga outfits for motivation. The sixth house also governs your daily work, and freedom-loving Jupiter could liberate you from the shackles of the 9-5 grind. While you need your security, Cancer, who says you can’t have more of it by being your own boss or working as an independent contractor? With Uranus also nudging you towards greater career fulfillment, it may be time to set up that LLC and go into business for yourself. If nothing else, you may work more “intrapreneurially” between now and December 2, 2019, spearheading initiatives or even starting up a new division within a company’s ecosystem.

# Leo

Desperately seeking: higher truths! This Tuesday, November 6, iconoclastic Uranus spins back from Taurus into Aries, doing one final jog through your worldly, philosophical ninth house between now and March 6, 2019. The metaphysical planet almost wrapped up its extended tour through Aries earlier this spring, which waged on from March 11, 2011 until May 15, 2018. During that time, you likely grew and experimented in many “ninth house” ways—going back to school, publishing books, launching a start-up (or non-profit), or traveling the world to discover the meaning of life. Or maybe you explored a more unconventional lifestyle—one that rang true to the most independent parts of your spirit. For the next four months, you could feel another gale force pushing you in such directions—and far OUT of any predictable boxes. If you’re not living your most authentic life, you could feel like you’re trapped in a too-tight skin. On March 6, Uranus will move back into your career zone until April 2026, revolutionizing the work you do. But before then, you may feel like taking a sabbatical or enrolling in specialized training (or both). Four months from now, the goal is to advance to the next stage of the game WITHOUT sacrificing the principled lifestyle you’ve developed over the past seven-plus years!

Shift your attention to more mundane matters on Wednesday, as the annual new moon in Scorpio drops in to your domestic fourth house. As you’ve been ruminating over global affairs, some home fires may be fizzling out. A relative could clamor for your attention and it’s time to stop ignoring those bids for your time. Or perhaps, you’re just ready to spruce up the old lion’s den—or start entertaining at home. (‘Tis the season.) Whatever the case, you need your place to feel like your signature sanctuary. Of course, if there’s a little TOO much Leo marking your abode—and not enough area for roommates or your S.O. to make their mark—you might create a few blank spaces on walls and in closets. This is especially true if you’re unhappy living alone. But if having a solo oasis is your jam, then what the heck, Leo…turn that expression UP!

Rise and shine and dress to impress starting Thursday, November 8, when the expansive, eternal optimist of the skies, Jupiter, sails into Sagittarius and your fifth house of romance, creativity, fortune and quite possibly fame! This ain’t no dress rehearsal, Leo. It’s legit showtime. And, since the fifth house is associated with similar traits to those of your sign, you’ll feel in your scene-stealing element between now and December 2, 2019! Jupiter only visits the Archer’s domain every 12.5 years, and you may not get these kinds of opportunities again for another decade-plus (at least not this many or this often). It’s in your own best interest to step forward and self-promote. It may be a little harder than usual—at first—especially after Jupiter’s 13-month stint in your private and domestic fourth house. But if you’re being honest with yourself, a part of you is ready to take your show on the road, or at least test-drive it. Artists, writers and musicians may have been working alone on your “masterpiece” during the hibernation period of the past year-plus. Now it’s time for your big reveal. Reach out to friends or associates who might be able to help you get your creations into the public eye. Call reps, gallery owners, managers of open-mic nights. “Art for art’s sake” is a nice concept, but sharing it with the world is what you’re ready for now. Plus, why settle for 15 minutes of fame when Jupiter gifts you 13 months? This transit can also bring an uptick to your romantic life, whether you’re single or quite happily off the market. Jupiter’s jaunt through intense Sagittarius and your fifth house dangles the promise of peak experiences, which can involve travel, since that is Jupiter’s sweet spot. You could find yourself on the road (or abroad); or if you’re touring with your beloved, your experiences may be like superglue for your bond. The fifth house also rules fertility, and some Leos may finally feel like it’s time to add a kid—or a pet—to the brood. Pro tip: Relax, enjoy the process, and don’t put (too much) pressure on yourself!

# Virgo

Let’s get metaphysical! You may feel pulled towards the mysterious side of life starting this Tuesday, November 6, when unconventional Uranus, who’s been retrograde since August 7 in Taurus, backflips into Aries and your eighth house of seduction, secrets and all things sexual until March 6, 2019. The planet of radical change has been hovering in this zone since 2011 but moved on to Taurus and your free-spirited ninth house this past May 15, widening your worldly viewfinder. But for the coming four months, Uranus does one last tango through Aries (not to return again for 80-plus years), plunging you back into the deep. You may find yourself pondering bigger questions about the meaning of life, which could lead you to some far-flung places. (Hola, Amazon! Namaste, Himalayas!) As you seek out guidance and wisdom from teachers and gurus, remember that your own intuition deserves to have the loudest voice. All the transformational work and introspection you’ve done since 2011 will truly crystallize between now and March 6. Who knows? You might even get certified to teach your favorite methodology—or join (or form!) an organization that allows you to gather and practice with like-minded souls. Since the eighth house is associated with erotica, check in with yourself to make sure you aren’t prejudging people or blocking your own fantasies. You can shake things up during this cycle and perhaps come out a little freer or more liberated. Of course, you’re still a Virgo, and you’ll probably require a perfect balance of lust and trust before you go all in.

It’s almost too easy to find your tribe this Wednesday, when the year’s only new moon in Scorpio activates your house of “twinning.” As one of the zodiac’s mutable signs, your interests are ever-fluctuating. On Hump Day, make a point of getting out among people who share your passions. Drop in to a meetup or discussion group, sign up for an evening workshop. If your latest obsession is a little more obscure, look for groups online and see what happens if you comment or share on the boards. A BFF-grade kindred spirit or future project partner could emerge!

Should you plant deeper roots or take a job overseas for a year? You may feel pulled in opposite directions starting Thursday, November 8, when jetsetter Jupiter touches down in Sagittarius and your fourth house of home and family until December 2, 2019. The jovial planet’s expansive influence could have you craving far-flung vistas and the feeling of the wind blowing through your unkempt hair. But with your domestic zone activated, you’re also in the mood for creature comforts and the stabilizing effect of coming home to the same bed every night. Of course, there’s always the possibility that you blend these two energies in a creative way, like doing week-long apartment swaps with friends living abroad or buying a larger (or second) home—a beach shack or cabin in the woods, perhaps? Maybe it’s time to turn that spare bedroom or empty corner into a studio, exercise space or Airbnb. Some Virgos might decide to dabble in that business by getting your realtor’s license. With your natural salesmanship talents and creativity, you could make a killing. In any event, you won’t be happy with the same old. Jupiter hungers for adventure, so if travel or a move isn’t in the cards—or budget—look for other ways to scratch that itch. How about a “rotating gourmet supper club,” in which a few friends (coupled, single or a mix) take turns hosting elegant dinners, possibly with wine pairings? On a more personal level, this Jupiter cycle will spotlight family relationships and “issues.” It’s a protective presence, so if you’ve been holding your tongue about something, possibly for years, you’ll be supported in broaching the subject now. Do speak in “I” terms, in which you dispassionately explain how you’ve been feeling, and be sure to let them speak without interruption. There may be moments of awkwardness, but you could clear the air for once and for all!

# Libra

Certain relationships might take on a life of their own this Tuesday, November 6, when unpredictable Uranus moves back one piece on the game board. Until March 6, 2019, the side-spinning planet slips out of Taurus and returns to Aries for one last lap of a journey that waged on from March 11, 2011, until May 15, 2018. The dynamics with your S.O. or a business/project partner might start feeling very different from just a couple weeks ago when everything was so…under control! Ah, but that’s love for ya, Libra. You may suddenly warm up to someone you swore was “so wrong” for you OR feel the urge to ghost after a lukewarm third date or meeting. (Challenge your conflict-averse nature and let ’em down gently instead of disappearing…) Indie-spirited Uranus in Aries certainly brought out the relationship rebel in you from 2011 to this past May. This cycle gave you permission to rewrite Cupid’s rules, bending them to your desires. It’s also possible that you weathered some tough curveballs during the past seven years, for better, for worse…or both. But if you’re honest with yourself, you also learned SO much about what it means to truly and unconditionally love another human being. For the greater part of 2018, you’ve been pulled towards people who are consistent and trustworthy, even if you had to sacrifice a little bit of “excitement” in the process. As Uranus bolts back and aligns with adrenaline-junkie Aries one last time (and not again for eighty-some years), make sure you haven’t thrown out the baby with the bathwater. Is there someone you wrote off prematurely who deserves a chance? Did you settle for a connection that is devoid of true passion because it felt predictable? Or…is there anything YOU can do, Libra, to make things exciting again? Of course, for any union to work, it has to be built on terra firma, with both parties feeling equally supported and turned-on. As you look at ways you might rebalance the scales, be totally honest with yourself: Are there ways that YOU could be more flexible or accommodating—or have you bent over backwards like an Olympic gymnast? Seek a middle ground.

Your money mojo gets a boost from Wednesday’s new moon, which arrives in Scorpio and your second house of income. You’ve never been one to give a cheap gift, but going broke playing Santa is not a good look. If the coffers are low, look for a side hustle for the holidays or organize a group gift for a big-ticket item you want to get for your mom, say. If you’ve been on the hunt for more gainful employment, circulate midweek. Your prospecting—both online and at networking events—could turn up a fruitful lead!

This Thursday, November 8, worldly, expansive Jupiter sails into Sagittarius, turbo-charging your sense of adventure and curiosity. This could be the most welcomed breath of fresh air you’ve had since October 10, 2017, when the larger-than-life planet settled down in Scorpio and your cautiously practical second house. On the upside, you probably experienced some significant professional growth, clarified your next career trajectory (or at least figured out what you DON’T want to do anymore) and maybe managed to establish a greater degree of stability in your life. But…yawn? Starting this week, you can start building on that solid foundation and broaden your life in exciting and inspirational new ways. For starters, get ready for a faster-paced social life between now and December 2, 2019. You’re eager to make up for lost time, and you want it yesterday! You don’t need to span the globe to get your kicks, either. The third house governs local goings-on, and your hometown—perhaps your very own ‘hood—should prove a rich source of activity and, more importantly, fun. You might want to start spending more time in nearby venues, whether for dinner, to grab a drink, shop or check out the local talent. Round up a few friends and become a regular at some neighborhood haunts. A potential fringe benefit for single Libras: You could meet a very eligible prospect who lives within walking distance or a short commute away. If you’re not finding what you’re looking for, get the party started yourself! Create a Meetup, join the food co-op, take classes, get familiar with the cultural scene. Since the third house also rules transportation, you might want to invest in a new set of wheels in the coming year, whether two or four. You could be logging a lot of road miles, and you need a reliable ride. To make your commuting more pleasurable AND productive, upgrade your gadgetry (no more cracked screens!), sign up for intriguing podcasts or make a practice of learning new words of a foreign language with every ride.

# Scorpio

Starting this Tuesday, November 6, bump self-care higher up on your priority list. Game-changer Uranus, who’s been trekking through Taurus and your seventh house of relationships since May 15, slips back into Aries and your sixth house of wellness, fitness and daily work habits until March 6, 2019. This is the final lap Uranus will run through Aries, rounding out a seven-year marathon that started on March 11, 2011. Your focus for the next four months should be on creating structures and systems that bring ease and workability to your life. With tech-savvy Uranus spurring you on, find time-saving software, hire an IT person to wire up your home or office, and if you work collaboratively, get everyone on a team messaging app like Slack or utilizing project management software like Monday or Click Up that you can all access from the cloud. While there is such a thing as healthy stress, if too much of it has been keeping you up at night (or giving you digestive woes), it’s time to tame that tiger. No one’s going to make the pressure go away or hand you a magic bullet to manage it. It’s up to you to take control of your health and stop wearing workaholism like a merit badge. You know that regular exercise is good for the body, mind AND spirit. Work a little into your daily life and increase it as much as you can. Cut back on the junk food, especially sugar and carbs, and reach for juices and fresh produce. Every step is one in the right direction, and changes you make under this transit could be permanent.

Another call for unapologetic self-care—and self-LOVE—arrives Wednesday when the annual new moon in Scorpio electrifies the skies. Consider this an early New Year and make some personal resolutions. How would you like to grow and develop over the coming six months? You, Scorpio, are your own best investment. Give yourself a meaningful birthday gift this year, whether you’re signing up for a retreat, investing in private lessons or sessions with a coach. If you need to break free from a suffocating situation, this new moon points you to more wide-open vistas. The hardest part about making the transition may be releasing the guilt that you feel about leaving certain people behind. Dimming your lights won’t help anyone shine, Scorpio. Once you’re beaming at your highest wattage, you can share the love with your squad.

Of course, expansion is fun, but could you use a little sabbatical from SUCH a manic pace? Life begins to settle back into normal-sized proportions starting on Thursday, November 8, when excitement-junkie Jupiter falls into your rearview mirror. Since October 10, 2017, you’ve been hosting the high-octane planet in your sign, and since then, you may have stretched PAST your limits in groundbreaking (and, at times, exhausting) ways. But as one of the zodiac’s fixed signs, you crave a measure of predictability—even if you’re repeating a soul-stirring (and downright sexy) routine on a daily basis. Starting this week, as Jupiter decamps to Sagittarius and your second house of security and money until December 2, 2019, you can get your talons back on solid ground and lay a new, more solid financial foundation. This is a golden time to focus on your professional aspirations, set intentions and start to manifest them because you’ve got a cosmic tailwind at your back. What are your goals—a soul-satisfying new job (or just a super-well-paying one?), launching your own brand, saving enough for a new car or dream vacation? Whatever the case, you’ll probably welcome a bit more stability now. Since Jupiter rules education and advanced training, you might consider adding some tools to your kit or bringing your skills up to date by taking some workshops, webinars or formal classes. When it comes to your hard-earned cash, stay mindful. What good is making more if you burn it as fast as you earn it?

# Sagittarius

Take a breather, Sagittarius, and make room in your schedule for creativity and celebration. Oh, and self-care, too. You’re long overdue. This Tuesday, November 6, spontaneous Uranus moves back from industrious Taurus into Aries and your fifth house of romance, fame and self-expression. Ever since the side-spinning planet moved into the Bull’s pen this past May 15, you’ve had your nose fixed to the grindstone. At the same time, your workflow may have been chaotic and unpredictable, making you feel a bit more stressed than usual. So you’ll probably be relieved by this final four-month circuit of Uranus in Aries—an epilogue to a cycle that partied on from March 11, 2011, to May 15, 2018—and the chance it offers you to reconnect to your inner wild child. Capture this spirit for posterity…and your sanity! When Uranus moves back into Taurus from March 6, 2019, to April 2025, you want to make sure you don’t lose it ever again. After all, what’s the point of working so hard if you can’t also play along the way? If you’ve been refining the “Sagittarius brand,” these next four months are a stellar time to work on the image you’re putting out into the world. Solicit feedback from respected industry insiders, whether friends or pros you hire; it’ll be worth the investment. If you make art or media, how can you bring it to the public—or make an even bigger splash? Grassroots Uranus might even point you towards group shows, local talent nights or brainstorming with community business people to see how you might promote each other with an event. Warning: You may butt up against some strong, defiant personalities while Uranus is retrograde until January 6. That could be the universe giving you a cue to withdraw and recharge your creative batteries with some quality time on your own. It’s only in solitude that you can truly tune in to your own authentic voice.

Wednesday’s new moon in Scorpio sounds the call for boundaries. Have you made too many sacrifices? Are you feeling burnt out? With this lunation activating your twelfth house of healing and transitions, you may come to the unavoidable realization that it’s time to move on from a certain aspect of your life. At the very least, a situation needs to be “right sized” so that it works for YOU. Of course, we teach people how to treat us, Archer. If you aren’t willing to give up some of that stubborn “I’ll do it my way” independence, how will people ever be able to support you? Perhaps the best thing this new moon can offer is a nudge to surrender and let the chips fall where they may. You’ll be amazed by how many miracles show up when you allow things to get a little messy and let the universe have a say.

It’s gonna be all Sagittarius, all the time, starting Thursday, November 8, when the celestial highlight of the decade comes beaming your way! Your ruling planet, expansive, auspicious and all-around happy-making Jupiter launches into Sagittarius for the next 13 months, rocketing you into orbit. With the red-spotted planet spending the last year-plus in Scorpio and your introspective twelfth house, you may have confronted some buried emotions, processed a painful loss, or discovered through a stressful situation where it was time to put up some serious boundaries. Exhausting, to say the least! But take heart: The lucky, larger-than-life planet returns to your sign for the first time since its December 2007-January 2009 cycle. Starting this week, you are officially on notice that dreams can no longer be deferred, and anything and everything you’ve been hoping to accomplish in your life is now on the table. Personal growth? Bucket-list travel experiences? Fame and fortune? Bring it! This rare transit is not something you want to ignore. Between now and December 2, 2019, you are invited—make that required—to shake up your life, shuck off any limitations or self-doubt and start taking steps toward becoming the person you want to be and creating the life you crave. Bear in mind that Jupiter offers the possibility and holds the door open, but you’ve got to do the heavy lifting, Sagittarius—and also take the gamble to walk through that portal when the gifts arrive instead of endlessly (and suspiciously) deliberating. While Jupiter transits certainly bring chances and connections and inspiration, you need to face your fears, take some risks and put yourself out there. Artists, musicians and performers should literally take the stage and show the world your stuff. Writers: Pick up that metaphoric pen and scribe away. No matter what your craft or superpower, this is the year to own it and pursue your bliss. No more shape-shifting or making too many sacrifices for other people. There’s a new Sagittarius in town—and possibly several other ports of call that you’ve been dying to visit (or live in for a month here and there). Unleash your nomadic nature and give your passions top billing. Jupiter’s energy is generous, though, so even as you’re advancing your own mission, you’ll realize it’s not a zero-sum game and that the more you help and give to others—not out of a sense of obligation but love—the more you gain in return.

# Capricorn

Looking for your little patch of peace, Capricorn? Creating a calm and centered home life—heck, actually have time to BE at home—becomes mission critical this week. On Tuesday, disruptive Uranus slips back into Aries and your domestic fourth house until March 6, 2019—not to return again for 80-some years! The volatile planet vacated this part of your chart on May 15, after a seven-year tour that began on March 11, 2011. But there’s one final epilogue which lasts for the coming four months. During this spurt, you may experience some shifts (even dramatic ones) with family, roommates and your home. On the up side, there’s been excitement and possibly hoped-for changes. Between now and March 6, you may finally get resolution with a relative whose unstable behavior made your life INTENSE for the past seven years. Or, if work has kept you on the road more than you’d prefer, you might actually decide that it’s time to move to a more convenient location—or reshape your life so that you can be home a bit more often. Make time for your inner circle, especially the ones who are always there for you. Even if you have to beg off on a few fun engagements, this reversal can help you reset your priorities. Some Capricorns may be inspired to redecorate or renovate—but don’t do anything rash. How to tell? If you’ve been mulling this for a while and have saved up enough to do the job the RIGHT way. But if you feel rushed or are simply doing this because you “need” a project, it’s probably best to wait until after March 6.

Teamwork makes the dream work on Wednesday as the new moon in Scorpio beams into your collaborative eleventh house. You’re no stranger to hustling solo, but it’s getting pretty lonely (and exhausting!) at the top. The key to a successful alliance, however, is to only team up with people who bring a measure of expertise to the table. The last thing you need, o’ capable one, is another trainee. Find people who have legit experience in their field, and can take some work out of YOUR hands. Socially, this new moon can point you towards new groups who fit your latest interests. Let yourself dabble before filling out any membership papers though. Sometimes it’s fun to just hang on the periphery and drop in as you wish.

How does a personal retreat or spiritual sabbatical sound? It may finally be time to pull the plug on your hyperkinetic work life and shift into hibernation mode—for the next 13 months! On Thursday, November 8, Jupiter leaves super-social Scorpio and your eleventh house and downshifts into Sagittarius and your restful, mystical twelfth house. After a hectic and fun-filled (if overwhelming) year of hosting exuberant Jupiter in your eleventh house of friends, groups and social activism, you’re probably ready to pull down the shades, literally or metaphorically, and get ready for a long winter’s nap (even if it’s still autumn). Hand your CEO cap to someone else, shuck the corporate-chic blazer and head for the exit ramp. You may be running on fumes at this stage of the game, Capricorn, and it’s time to recharge your batteries to prepare for a larger-than-life cycle that will begin once Jupiter enters your sign on December 2, 2019, and turns the spotlight—and all the house lights—on you. But until then, chill! Whether you take the concept of a one-Goat retreat to heart or just give yourself time and space to do your own thing on your own terms, the journey will be inward. And one of the major themes will be, “In order to grow, you must let go.” The “of what” is up to you. Are you hanging on to an unfulfilling relationship, still buying into some limiting beliefs, or maybe struggling to overcome a self-destructive habit or addiction? During this 13-month transit, you might choose to work with a healer, therapist or coach to guide and support you through this (sometimes challenging, sometimes painful) process. Boundaries is your new key word—and the people in your life who are used to taking advantage of your kindness or expecting you to be excessively generous while THEY act out will be in for a surprise when you set a hard limit with them, or possibly cut ties. You may decide to get serious about a meditation practice or going deeper in your spiritual practice. Paradoxically, you may discover that, to truly get ahead, you have to stand still. Stop trying to “force” evolution and allow your own guides or the universe to show YOU the way. This transitional phase won’t come around for another 12.5 years, and if you do the necessary work now, you’ll be poised for epic changes when Jupiter launches into your sign in a year.

# Aquarius

Ready for a little end-of-year excitement, Aquarius? Your social life gets an electrifying activation this Tuesday, November 6, as your ruler, Uranus, retreats back from Taurus and into Aries and your third house of friendship, communication and local activity until March 6, 2019. This four-month window is the final cap-off of a seven-year tour of Uranus in Aries, which waged on from March 11, 2011, to May 15, 2018. During that time, your friend circle may have shifted radically…and unexpectedly, in some cases! You may have moved several times, commuted often for work or study—or just generally found it hard to get a moment to yourself. Although things have settled down a lot since May 15, this last hurrah of Uranus and Aries will reboot your butterfly wings. Pull yourself out of that sedentary groove, Aquarius, and start gathering with the people who have truly earned your adoration. You may have written off an old friend too quickly early this year, or perhaps you just drifted due to your busy life circumstances. Maybe it’s time to take a friends’ vacation or make plans to meet for a weekly yoga class—or a monthly craft night. Whatever is your pleasure, Aquarius! The good news is that you won’t have to travel far to find your extracurricular fix. Aries rules your third house of neighborhood fun, and Uranus here can lead you to discover fun new venues—and heck, even pick up a shift or two of work, if you’re looking for a side gig. This is also a potent time for any media projects. Always wanted to write a screenplay or try doing stand-up? With activist Uranus here, use your voice (written or spoken) to get an important message out into the public!

Matters could take off at a gallop on Wednesday, when the year’s only new moon in Scorpio fires up your ambitious tenth house. Circulate strategically. Attending an industry event (or a party full of influencers) could plant you in the right place at the right time. One minute you’re ordering a dirty martini, the next you’re talking shop with someone who can genuinely open a door. If you’re already gainfully employed, make a point of availing yourself to the powers that be. Treat your boss to lunch as a holiday season “thank you,” pick up cards to send off to clients. The social graces you bestow will earn you loyalty points—and if enough of those add up between now and the corresponding full moon in six months, you’ll have platinum status in their eyes.

There’s nothing wrong with pouring your heart and soul into your career, Aquarius, especially when you’re working towards a lofty goal or trying to provide for the many people you love. Over the past 13 months, you may have felt like a solitary player as expansive Jupiter marched through Scorpio and your tenth house of career ambition and success. You might have felt pressure to step up your game or push yourself to make the most of opportunities that presented themselves. But there’s a sea change coming this week, and it’s good news for your social life AND the people who enjoy spending time with you! On Thursday, November 8, auspicious Jupiter ziplines into Sagittarius, powering up your eleventh house (AKA “the Aquarius house”) of group activity, teamwork and technology until December 2, 2019. Welcome back! You’ll be in your hyper-social element for the coming thirteen months. Better yet? You’re ready to STOP burning the midnight oil, being a slave to deadlines and believing that you have to shoulder all the responsibility yourself. Whew! It’s time to stretch out and find synergies among friends, colleagues and kindred spirits both online and IRL. Your self-determined sign doesn’t mind going it alone, but over the coming 13 months, you may discover that you enjoy working with a group and that the collective brainpower of a team can pull off projects more easily and creatively. This doesn’t only relate to your professional life, either. You may finally have time to join an organization or do some humanitarian or personal-growth work that will be rewarding in a more holistic way. Since Jupiter is the adventurer of the zodiac, you might find yourself signing up for challenging and exciting new adventures—a summer-long apartment swap with a Parisian amie or hiking the Incan Trail perhaps. Since this sector of your chart rules all things digital, you may enjoy exploring virtual opportunities, like recording your own podcast, YouTube channel or e-commerce site. If you’ve already got a brick-and-mortar business, the coming year could be the perfect time to expand into online sales or find brand-extension opportunities, like webinars or downloadable products. Be selective about the people you partner up with. This is a rare cycle—it only comes around every 12.5 years—and you want to be smart and savvy about whom you work with, especially since they represent you! Make sure they share your values, work style and goals. Interviewing and getting to know them before joining forces makes good business sense, so don’t be embarrassed about conducting deep and thorough due diligence.

# Pisces

On Tuesday, transformative Uranus, which has been retrograde since August 7, trips back into Aries and your second house of security and finances until March 6, 2019. You’ll be happy to hear that this is the side-spinning planet’s FINAL lap of a nearly eight-year marathon through Aries, and it won’t return to create chaos in your financial life again in this lifetime. Since 2011, you have likely dealt with some monetary instability or fluctuations at work. For the coming four months, you’ll get a chance to look at places where you’re leaking energy and not being as productive (or fiscally responsible) as you’d like to be. While Uranus is retrograde until January 6, 2019, assess your cash flow by reviewing the year-to-date’s receipts, bills and credit card statements. If your outlay exceeds your income, it’s time for some mindful recalibrating. This doesn’t necessarily mean going on an austerity diet—though it might. Credit card debt is a slippery slope and a tough one to climb out of, so halt the downward spiral. Lots of small shifts—like cooking more meals, skipping the five-dollar coffees and impulse shopping—could quickly add up to hundreds if not thousands of dollars saved. You’re an emotional creature, Pisces, and you know you can be susceptible to retail therapy, especially when you’re upset or anxious. When those moods strike, “dose” yourself in other, healthier ways, like calling a friend and talking it out or cueing up one of your foolproof happy playlists. Don’t forget the income column! With techie, communal Uranus wrapping up this chapter, you might be inspired to bring an online product to market or start a socially-responsible side hustle. Teaming up with friends on a moneymaking venture could also prove profitable. Just make sure you spell out everyone’s roles and earnings on the front end!

Opportunity knocks—or maybe rings you on WhatsApp—this Wednesday, as the new moon in Scorpio activates your ninth house of luck, travel and long-distance relationships. Cast a wider net, Pisces. You could find what (and who) you’re looking for in a far-flung postal code. If you’ve been saving up for a vacation, check out fares midweek because this new moon may reveal a supersaver or a retreat that has your name written all over it. You might hear from a collaborator (or possibly a love interest) who lives in a different city. Are there, uh, synergies worth exploring? Hop on a Zoom call, then, see if it’s worth moving things from screen time to real time.

This Thursday, November 8, it’s time to shift out of cruise control, put the pedal to the metal and hit the wide-open road towards fulfillment. Here comes the big tailwind you’ve been waiting a LONG time for, Pisces! Jupiter, your co-ruler and the planet of luck, growth and adventure, pulls up stakes in your exploratory ninth house and sets its compass for Sagittarius and your tenth house of career ambition and success. Seeds you’ve been planting for a while now—some as far back as several years ago—will start to sprout or, if they’ve already broken through the dirt, will grow like they’ve been hit with Grade A, organic fertilizer. Jupiter only visits this part of your chart every 12.5 years, and from now until December 2, 2019, you’re being invited—urged!—to take some leaps of faith, bold steps and put your grandest plans in motion. In the course of this professional power surge, don’t worry who’s “above” or “below” you, and whatever you do, don’t even think about apologizing for pursuing your own personal goals. Part of your compassionate sign’s charm is your concern for everyone’s well-being. Think about it like this: When you fulfill your destiny and feel good about your accomplishments, you’ll be better able to lend a helping hand and guide others on their journey. Whether you want to launch your own business, start saving for big-ticket purchases or have your sights set on the corner office, Jupiter’s boundless beams will inspire you to hone your skills and develop your talent. The tenth house also rules your reputation and public image. Since you’ll probably be more visible than before, make sure you look the part. If you need a wardrobe update or “hair and makeup” do-over, turn to stylish, camera-comfortable friends or hire a pro to add a high-pro glow. You want to feel your most radiant as you step into your enhanced leadership role.

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