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How Empaths And Highly Sensitive People Benefit From Being Close To A Water Body

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by Conscious Reminder

A lot of people find water bodies relaxing, calming, and also refreshing. Rivers, oceans, lakes, and streams are preferred spots for vacation and travel everywhere in the world; waterside homes also represent special and favorite places around the world.

For people who are empathic or sensitive to energy, the pull to water becomes more intense; it is like calling them in a certain way.

Empaths feel magnetic pulls to water, and this is related to energy. Generally, nature helps people to understand the negative energy, keeping them grounded. When we feel stressed or down, walking in nature may uplift us.

For an empath, there is one more profound relation to nature which is nearly inexplicable. In fact, it is yearning or craving which he or she cannot ignore. Nature’s energy is better tied with the empaths’ energy, so such connection calls upon us frequently.

For empaths, nature is something more than just a place for relaxation. Nature is therapeutic and healing. Also, water possesses a uniquely special pull, being the source of rest, great comfort, and a lot more. Spending time or better said, living close to bodies of water may have a lot of benefits for empaths.

These are the five ways in which sensitive individuals benefit from living close to rivers, oceans, lakes, and streams:

1. Cleansing

Water can be used for cleansing. It can clean people’s bodies, but also their energies. To submerge in water body means to clean up people’s vibrations of negative energies and restores them to the state of harmony and balance. For empaths, this is quite important as negative energy may drain them and even cause them emotional or physical health problems.

2. Balancing chakras

The water flow can balance people’s chakras. In fact, chakras are the points of energy in one’s body. They are light energies, and each of them is colored differently. There are seven chakras, and when they are balanced, their colors get clear, and every chakra is spinning clockwise harmonically. Chakras may become imbalanced every day, and that may have a considerable effect on empaths’ wellbeing, especially those that are energy sensitive. Large water bodies will restore energy balance similarly to energy healing.

3. Detoxing (using salt water)

For every single body, salt represents an agent for detoxification. Usually, we release the physical toxins of our body naturally through sweat, while we release emotional toxins of our body, through tears. In order to release toxins, we can soak in a bath of sea salt, or use a scrub of sea salt. Oceans are like a huge salt bath. When in combination with salt which is present in our air, it will offer fascinating detoxing qualities which nothing can compare to.

4. Healing crystals

The sand on the beaches which are near oceans, rivers, or lakes, has some healing properties. In fact, each grain looks like a small healing crystal. So, plugging the bare parts of our body into the sand, particularly feet will help us recharge the root chakra, or boost energy too. Sand may also return us to a childlike and more playful state; it will help us raise our vibrations or remember our calm state of being.

5. We are the water ourselves

One main reason why every human being is deeply connected to water will be the reality saying that human bodies contain 50 or more percent for adults. Well, empaths are more naturally aware of their bodies, so what their body needs they are going to yearn and crave for. People’s bodies have to bond with water for healing and restorative purposes. The water literally pulls an empath as his or her bodies really need it.

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