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What You Need To Know About Fortunetelling With A Pendulum

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by Conscious Reminder

A pendulum is one of the methods of telling your fortune which permits you to be in touch with your intuition continually.

In fact, it is a way of answering the questions which interest you. Before developing this procedure, cleaning your pendulum will be quite important.

Here is a description of the method for cleaning your pendulum:

Just like with using tarot cards, keeping the pendulum in excellent condition when utilizing it requires cleaning its energy. You should clean that energy just one time during the period of one month.

In order to carry this process out, you should take vibrational energies of the four principal elements:


First of all, put your pendulum in some container with thick salt or soil. Also, if you have your own garden, you can bury it there. You should also leave it for one whole day under the ground. In this way, the soil will absorb negative energies which are contained in your pendulum.


After that, place your pendulum in one glass full of water. However, remember to energize the water before. In order to do that, you need to submerge one glass, or you can even place symbols all around your container. In that way, your glass is going to take positive energy which the element will give you.


The third step would be buying holy sticks or also sandalwood incense. After that, you should light it inside your home. You should pass your pendulum about three times with the smoke. In that way, you will release bad energies which are contained inside of it.


And, the fourth step is going to be actually to leave your pendulum in some place which receives sunlight. Also, it is quite important to do this early in the morning, until the sunset.

How to tell your fortune with your pendulum:

Well, the pendulum will serve you as it will give you only “yes” and “no” answers, there won’t be a clear answer. When you need some profound information about the things you consult, we recommend another procedure.

First of all, remember to clean the space where you will make the planned query. Remember that it is quite important to have the room packed with good energies and no one will interrupt you.

Then, you need to take a cloth colored violet on which you will make this query. You should put the cloth on the table, together with your pendulum. Sit at your table, having your back straight, without crossing legs and arms.

After that, hold your pendulum with your right hand. One important thing is that you have it aligned with your sixth chakra, which is called the Third-Eye Chakra. In that way, you will align with your perception.

When you finally complete the steps from previously, you should start to consult. You can identify the answers in the following way: When your pendulum is swinging forth and back, in a completely straight line, the answer would be “yes.”

However, when your pendulum oscillates from your left to your right or the opposite, the answer would be “no.” In the end, when the pendulum starts rotating in circles all the time, or when it remains static and generates a vibration, it would mean that it does not have a clear answer.

This is a technique which is actually based on the fact that every living being has a specific magnetism. The vibration may also be perceived through some object, which in this particular case is the pendulum.

While you are asking the questions, remember to be calm, since you are not supposed to condition the answer’s energy. The best thing you can do is buy a stone-made pendulum which will help you sharpen your intuition.

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