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Saturn Goes Retrograde Today: Have You Learned Your Lessons?

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by Conscious Reminder

On 29th April, Saturn is scheduled to go retrograde in Capricorn and will stay there till 18th September. Saturn is all about checking up on us and ensuring that we have learned our lessons.

It wants us to confront the big cosmic alignment that will take place in January 2020. Saturn is a strict teacher that comes with lots of consequences and makes sure that you get disciplined and grounded. It will bring out the best selves in us.

Capricorn is an ideal place for Saturn. It gives the planet all the power to go back in our past and derive the small lessons that we need for the future. Try to recall your life from September 2018. What are the lessons that you learned from that time? Saturn retrograde is trying to bring everything to a close.

From September 2018, Saturn makes sure that we examine what we have and check which direction we are going forward in. Is this the path we wanted? It wants us to take responsibility for ourselves regarding who we are as a person.

All our constraints, gifts, stress and pain will become a part of us and build us into something new. We must give up on our ego and accept everybody around us as a stepping stone meant to teach us something about us – about the world around us.

But we can also learn a lot from within. Saturn is all about looking inward. Stop judging the world outside and start seeing how your actions have affected the world as well as your own self.

Remember, each action has its own consequence. We can’t control what comes to us in the future. But you can always connect the dots in the past and understand how you came about in the present. Judge – compare and learn something from your past self and your present one too.

The retrograde periods bring a bit of sluggishness in your life. You won’t be motivated enough to move forward but that’s just Saturn’s plan – it makes you introspect before you take a step ahead.

Remember, your thoughts are magical. They are full of power. If you want, you can use the capabilities of your thoughts to change yourself from within – you have the opportunity to bring the best in you.

The thing is, though your thoughts have a lot of power present within them, not all of them are going to transform who you are. Sometimes, we might have the right thought and the right force but we may not be successful to move forward.

And that’s completely fine if you fail at times. Failure can always be used as a lesson. Use it to bring a change – take responsibility and start again. Know that now you have learned something and can use it to make better decisions.

You have to understand life as if it is a game. You start off slow and then, there will be obstacles but each obstacle comes as a lesson. Failure is a part of life – and there are certain circumstances out of our control. We have to accept them as they are. We have control over our actions but we do not have any control over how such actions can rebound upon us. The only control that we have in on our energy field. So, control your energy levels and own who you are. Be unique.

And don’t think that you are the only one here. Due to this alignment, all of us are facing the same problem. Our thoughts are creating the reality that we want. Our actions are changing the world as it is. So, make a choice – bring a change. Be the difference.

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