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Raising Your Spiritual Energy Can Have These 12 Side Effects

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Those of us that are actively attempting to raise our consciousness and spiritual energy will probably meet several side effects which may leave us feeling quite confused.

What we will actually do is raise our energies to other levels, to higher levels of existence. This is probably the following stage in the evolution of humans: raising consciousness to different and new levels. It actually seems that the number of people who openly talk about this is bigger every time.

This is, in fact, good because it does not make it seem or sound “wacky” when others are talking about it.

While we are going through this particular spiritual advancement process, and we are moving our minds to the following level, there are going to be specific side effects, and some of them will be good while others bad.

This will be some old patterns returning and clouding the advancement we would like to make, which is something perfectly natural.

We will become lighter beings for sure; therefore, we use the word “enlightenment.”

Here are the twelve side effects caused by raising our spiritual energies:

  1. We will feel spiritually disconnected;
  2. We will have overwhelming feelings, such as sorrow, sadness, or joy;
  3. We will feel like time runs out; however, we will not be sure why;
  4. We will feel out of place for those around us, and the world;
  5. We will feel strong feelings which say that some changes are about to occur; however, we are not sure of what those changes are;
  6. We are hyper-sensitive to the energy of others and our surroundings;
  7. We feel the need of spending more time, more than usual, and being alone;
  8. We have increased clairvoyant or psychic experiences;
  9. We feel a strong pull to spend some time outside in nature;
  10. We feel that our mind races at 100 miles per hour;
  11. We have weird prophetic dreams, astral travel episodes, and increased lucidity;
  12. We feel that others, not from this world, exist around us, and we feel their presence.

Experiencing the side effects from above means that we should not worry and we should keep with our spiritual advancement practice, regardless of the fact if it is contemplation, thinking about our lives, or meditation.

One thing worth noting would be that the more we continue with our practice of raising our spiritual energies, the greater number of side effects would be, and they will be good, or even not that good.

Many people believe that the world’s energy changes and that we are entering some new phases, which are scary, life-changing, and exciting.

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