10 Things About Astral Projection You Will Find Interesting

by Conscious Reminder

Astral projection is defined as an out-of-body experience. This is a simple and understandable definition.

Our astral bodies literally float away from our physical bodies. This sounds quite bizarre, and maybe like something which came from some science fiction movie, but we should be aware that it really happens.

And, it happens more frequently then we know. What does astral projection feel like and what we should know about such an experience?

Here are some facts and myths about astral projection, and we will answer specific questions related to it:

1. What does astral projection feel like; is it secure?

Astral projection really feels as it actually sounds if we can imagine how our bodies float away from us and we are entirely conscious of it. Simultaneously, it is quite exhilarating and surreal, but it is safe.

2. Is astral projection a gift we were born with?

It isn’t a gift, because every person is able to perform astral projection; however, it requires practice and patience. Opposite of some popular beliefs, age isn’t a factor. Actually, kids are naturals when it comes to astral projection because their imagination is limitless and wonderful, and they believe that anything in the world is possible, and adults continually doubt of their abilities.

3. How long will this experience last?

Although it could feel like we were gone for several days, months, and even years, this state will only last several hours. We can actually feel like we have experienced our entire life. Moreover, the projection may last as long as we want to. The length of the experience can be controlled.

4. Are we completely disconnected from our bodies or can we still feel attached?

There is the so-called Silver Cord that still connects us at the soul level. Many people claimed that they have seen it so that we can see or cannot see it. In fact, it can’t be severed, as this happens only when we die.

5. Do negative energies exist, which can influence our state?

Although there are negative entities, we can easily avoid them, meaning that no harm may come to us. During our astral state, we can still control our mind and thoughts. We may easily steer ourselves away from negativities we come across.

6. How are astral projection and lucid dreaming different?

How can we know in which state we are? Well, the difference is clear. Lucid dreaming is a state during which we dream, while we are asleep, but we still have some power over our dreams. However, astral projection is the state during which we aren’t sleeping, but we are wide awake. We leave our bodies, and anything or anyone we connect with is quite real.

7. Can we see dead individuals, or this is only a myth?

Yes, we can. We will not only see dead individuals, but we may also help them in finding their ways towards the light, in order to safely pass to the appropriate side. We can even talk to dead relatives if we choose so.

8. What can we do while we are in this astral state?

We will continually ask ourselves if we can fly around. Yes, we can fly all over the planet if we want. We can even fly to some other planets, or different realms, and talk with spirits. We name it, and we are able to do it. There are endless possibilities. We can do whatever we want.

9. Do we need to practice for a more extended period before we can accomplish the astral state?

Some people claim to project during the first, or also the second time when they tried. Others say that it takes quite a good practice before projecting, and even after such practice, the projection isn’t perfect.

10. What benefits astral projection offers, if there are any, of course?

One benefit would be that we reach the expanded consciousness which will enable us to see this world and our lives in a completely different light. We become quite more spiritual, eager to learn, or we understand more related to astral realms. When we step out of our zone of comfort and into an entirely new world, it will be something exhilarating and liberating.

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