Have You Heard About Seichim, The Powerful Egyptian Healing Energy?

by Conscious Reminder

Seichim is the living light energy, which means that it is actually a higher and different vibration than the famous Reiki, being most beneficial when it comes to working with mental and emotional concerns or levels, and higher spiritual connections.

Seichim means “power of powers,” or also “might” and it is quite similar to the healing known as Reiki in regard to how and what it is used for.

With Seichim, we work on the higher bodies in order to balance ourselves emotionally and mentally; however, it finds its uses in physical ailments as well.

The place which this healing comes from is Egypt, and it is also the country where Seichim was rediscovered in recent times.

Practitioners receive it like radio signals, transmitted through practitioners’ crowns, out the hands, and in the body of a person. The practitioner may even place the hands over the area of chakras within energy fields.

Chakras and body field of energy

Our bodies are energetic systems, which when simplified, flow through our chakras into our glands or endocrine system, and our organs. We can measure our chakras with an instrument, together with our organs’ frequencies.

The field will extend in, through, and around our body. It will keep everything ticking, like our heart rate and nervous system. Our field of energy is interconnected, while our heart represents the focal point within that energy field.

The Aura and Seichim

Another name that the energy field has is the Aura and the higher bodies, even though not each body can actually be measured with the use of present equipment; however, with the use of Kirlian camera, we can photograph them.

Moreover, adept people are able to see them. The Aura is actually the holistic system, which means that its layers affect each other, having an impact on our physical body. Every chakra is apart of but related to every higher body.

When we feel emotionally or mentally imbalanced, disruptions to the flow to the aura will happen. Some traumatic events may also lead to feeling depressed, stressed, and even emotionally drained.

Because the mental layer or body will be stressed, the lower layer will be affected, and when the event is traumatic enough, it will filter into the so-called etheric layer, then to the physical one, where some illness may manifest.

For example, we experienced a really traumatic and terrible car accident, and now we are recovering from our injuries; however, we still have nightmares, or we feel afraid of driving again.

Our brain will record the event, which means that the emotional trauma and mental processes are still going to be there in our energy field’s layers. We recall the event, again and again, causing us energetic blocks which will disrupt the flow in our organs and chakras.

We will develop insomnia, fear, fatigue, and some nervous reactions when it comes to daily traffic events.

However, when we get balance, and our aura flows free, while our chakras function properly, we will have emotional stability, mental clarity, vitality, and energy for life.

We should not forget our physical wellness. The cascade effect from our aura to our chakra and physical body will be a natural flow of our wellbeing.

When we treat physical ailments but leave our higher bodies untreated, the risk of the returning of the physical conditions will be high. The importance of our frame of emotional states and mind to our physical health is enormous.

Seichim will flow into our aura, physical body, and chakras, and help us gently and slowly deal, and even release the energetic blocks which cause us stress, anxiety, and depression.

Seichim will merge and balance our higher bodies, or dissolve barriers to our higher selves. Moreover, it will make our light body and energy stronger.

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  1. Hi, I just want to mention that I was initiated into Reiki Seichim, in 1992 London and I can assure you that it is not higher or stronger than reiki. It is merely using a different branch of reiki healing. Normally when we apply Seichim Reiki to a client there are different symbols we call upon and we work with the angels who actually send the energy to the channeler. The reiki seichim practictioner steps back and allows the angels to do the work whilst still consciously applying symbols listening and intuiting information. I agree that it may feel different and the vibration feels lighter due to the presence of angels but it is misleading to say it is different and higher than reiki because it is not it is just a different method of applying reiki which is the universal energy. I love your website though and it had fantastic articles. I just felt I had to clear this misinterpretation up. Love and light.


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