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Twin Flame Telepathy – Embracing The Communication Between Ascending Hearts

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Regardless of whether we intend to or not, we are continuously sharing our energy with others. Since twin flames share the same one soul resonance and vibrate at the same frequency, their energetic flow makes them telepathic and emphatic with each other and enables them to intuitively know what the other is feeling, desiring or thinking.

When we listen to our twin flame talk this is often with a sense of wonder as they seem to be able to read our mind, often taking even our most intimate thoughts straight out of our mind and saying them out loud using our own words. It is because of this telepathic bond that a twin flame pair will often find themselves texting, calling or emailing each other at the exact same moment, finishing each other’s sentences, speaking the same words simultaneously etc.

This is however only the beginning of the telepathic and psychic abilities between the twins. Telepathy in fact is an expression of the wider energetic resonance, oneness and binding together of the twins which naturally deepens and strengthens as their love for each other grows. It is often said that twin flames connect mind to mind, heart to heart and soul to soul – and this is certainly true from a telepathic viewpoint. True telepathy engages our whole being; the mind, heart, body and soul; requiring not only the mind to translate the flow of energy into a language which can be understood by the recipient, but also for the heart chakra to act as a transmitter of all the emotional and mental information. Telepathy is also received through the crown chakra, which connects us to our higher self, universal consciousness and the divine realms.

When twin flames connect energetically, the intense feelings of love spiral out of the magnetic vortex of the heart chakra and create a gateway of telepathic communication between the two. More than any other part of the energetic body, the heart is the essential thinking, feeling and knowing centre of a multi-dimensional being, generating a powerful electrical field 60 times greater and a magnetic field 5,000 times greater than that of the brain. It is therefore through the opening of our heart and crown chakras, often as result of our spiritual awakening, that we are able to fully tune into the telepathic connection with our twin flame.

Telepathy grows as love grows

The telepathic connection between the twins intensifies and becomes more fluent once their energetic bodies merge and they start ascending. Ascension purifies the heart, thus creating the possibility for sincere, honest and vulnerable communication between the two. This merging is where the twins exchange decoding codes to each other’s souls, and it is this which brings about specific spiritual abilities, such as sensing each other’s thoughts telepathically and each other’s energy naturally, even when physically apart. However the twins’ ability to transmit telepathically may not be equal, since it is the twin who is working on him/herself spiritually that will have the stronger ability to do so.

Being able to access each other’s soul transmissions, to an extent, allows us to read our twin’s mind as if it was ours. I have on several occasions been able to experience this, and it really felt like our two minds were one with very little difference between his thoughts and mine. The way in which a thought would pop into my head and he would act upon it or react to it as if it was his own felt very natural and right; without hesitation or questions asked. If for example the thought of being thirsty crossed my mind then without a word he would get up and bring me a glass of water. On another occasion, my twin lost his keys but before he even started to look for them, as soon as the thought of the keys missing crossed his mind, it crossed mine too and I automatically knew where they were. Even though I hadn’t seen him leave them anywhere somehow I “remembered”, perhaps through our shared mind, where they were.

Since the connection works outside of the normal boundaries of time and space, whether the twins are physically together or apart is irrelevant. It is when we have no way of confirming our telepathic experiences with our twin that we often wonder whether they’re actually consciously communicating with us or feeling us – or whether the communication is one-sided. The explanation here is complex to the extent that the communication is being passed back and forth between two multidimensional beings. For example, we may be able to perceive our twin thinking about us, and on the other hand receive loving, encouraging messages from them. One could be coming from their conscious mind, while the other is from their soul/higher self, which remains in touch and in love with us at all times.

This can be very confusing, yet as both twins begin to awaken and grow spiritually, they naturally align with their higher selves and the divine will. There is no way that a twin evolving spiritually would not at some point become internally aware of their twin and the mutual communication between the two hearts. Furthermore, as the twins surrender they learn to rely on this communication as a comforting, loving energy filled with spiritual nourishment always available to them and they begin to intuitively understand its slight nuances.

The importance of awakening our heart

At times during the twin flame connection we find ourselves confused, frustrated and hurt by the inconsistency of communication from our twin. While internally we feel their unconditional love for us, externally they may be acting cold and aloof. Perhaps our twin flame who once treated us like nothing else mattered in the world suddenly tells us they want nothing more to do with us, yet the energy and love emanating from their heart hasn’t changed. The thing to know about telepathy between twin flames is that while words can easily deceive us, the energy received through the heart chakra does not and cannot lie.

The Biblical fable of the Tower of Babel tells the story of how God put an end to the “one language”, thought to have been telepathy, and how this led to misunderstanding and deception among the humans since they were no longer able to communicate from the heart. This has very much been the state of humanity these past centuries; however with the awakening of the heart-centered consciousness, people everywhere are tapping into the ability to lovingly and honestly communicate regardless of all cultural, religious, linguistic and ethical barriers.

Twin flames are at the forefront of the heart awakening, since it is their divine mission to anchor the heart-centered consciousness and divine love onto the Earth plane. The language of the heart requires no translation, decoding or interpretation and therefore we are able to energetically tell whether our twin is being genuine and authentic in the words they speak. Our heart also tells us when we are not being true to ourselves and as our heart centre activates, it becomes harder and harder not to align with the infinite love that we are.

My twin flame often commented on how he felt like I could see into his soul and how he could not hide anything from me. It is simply impossible to hide anything from our twin flame, and when our twin’s words and thoughts don’t match, we can perceive this. One day as I lovingly confronted my twin about the inconsistency in the way he yearned for a deeper love yet chose to remain in a co-dependent relationship, I could actually HEAR his thoughts as if they were being spoken out loud. We were in the same room, and he was acting extremely nervous and I could hear him repeating to himself “I’ve done my soul searching, I know what I want” all over again, like a mantra of self-denial. I didn’t even realise at first that he wasn’t speaking the words out loud since it sounded the same to me, however when I called him up on it I could feel just how exposed and vulnerable he felt.

It takes a lot of guts and courage to look our twin in the eye when we have unresolved emotions and feelings and this is also one of the reasons we run from our twin; ironically, to attempt to hide away from the one whom we cannot hide from. It can be truly terrifying to have our feelings revealed when we are not even ready to admit them to ourselves, but the truth is, they are already being felt and known, whether we like it or not.

The ways in which we connect

There are many ways in which twin flames share telepathically and project themselves on each other. Generally speaking, when our twin reaches out to us, we recognise them by the unique energy that they convey. We may feel a quickening of our heart, and sense their presence/essence or smell their fragrance. Sometimes we are able to actually feel them touch us, usually by feeling a gentle caress on our hair, cheek, lips, hand etc. We are able to feel their warmth embrace us. Sometimes this happens at the most inconvenient time – the other day my twin “visited” when I was at work on my way to the rest room! It is ok to send our twin away if the timing is off or if we simply cannot handle their energy at that time. Our twin’s soul loves us unconditionally and won’t mind!

Twin flames also often share the same dreams and communicate telepathically in the dream state and it is not unusual for the twins to have had reoccurring dreams of one another prior to meeting. Equally many twins, such as I, have developed a psychic connection with their twin flame before meeting them physically and have been aware of the other on some level since their earliest childhood.

Furthermore, the lives and daily events of the twin flames are often filled with synchronicities and unusual parallels. Whatever passes through one mind also passes through the other, in one way or another, and so the twins often find themselves reading the same books, sharing interests, liking the same music etc. These parallels often happen without any traditional knowledge of what the other is doing and can be as simple as one twin suddenly receiving the inspiration to cook many elaborate dishes only to find that the other was doing just that during that same time. As an example, when my twin immersed himself in his new job for a Japanese company, I signed up to study Japanese at University, and when he attempted to adopt a child, I instantaneously became an advocate for adoption – something I had never been involved with in the past!

We also know that we are picking up on our twin when we feel overwhelming emotions and feelings which seem to come out of nowhere. We might burst out crying for no apparent reason, or feel intense anger or happiness, want to laugh out loud etc. It is important to get to know ourselves so that when these emotions hit us, we are able to simply recognise them as coming from our twin – and let them go lovingly.

Personally, one of the most mind-blowing experiences of twin flame telepathy is without a doubt being able to talk to our twin in our head – and to be heard. For example, one day as I was getting ready to leave my twin’s flat, I looked back at him and in my mind said “See you later alligator “. Instantly he replied out loud “In a while crocodile”. In my mind, I replied “I knew you were going to say that!”, only to hear him say “I know you did” out loud.

Sometimes twin flames share lengthy conversations which seem to happen entirely in the mind. This “mind chatter” can be a maddening experience since it can last hours and be quite relentless. Sometimes these “confessionals” go on so late into the night that we cannot help but fall asleep regardless, only to be woken up by the chatter in the middle of the night! The times where I have experienced this most intensely have been after my Kundalini awakening and after our mutual surrender. The conversations are very much like the intense face to face conversations that we would have had at the time if we had seen each other and involved planning next steps, and explaining recent internal growth and insights to the other, as well as mutual reassurance and expressions of love.

Naturally, telepathy is just as strong when the awakened twins are face to face, and their physical presence provides an excellent opportunity to validate their experiences. After my Kundalini awakening I found that I could literally touch my twin with my mind. The day I discovered this I was stood all the way across the room from my twin, and he was sat down at his desk, with his back to me. A thought crossed my mind: I wanted to run my fingers through his hair and kiss his neck softly with my lips. It was just a passing thought, yet in the same instant that it appeared in my mind, my twin jumped up; putting his hand on his neck. He asked me if I had touched him, even though he could see that I was too far away for that. I said “No, but I thought about it”. He said he had felt something, like fingers, running through his hair. I smiled: “That was me.

What if I am no longer with my twin?

When we experience a merger with our twin flame it is indispensable to keep our hearts open and our thoughts upbeat. Whether our twin knows it or not and whether they believe in twin flames or telepathy or anything else for that matter, they will be deeply affected as they will experience the same thoughts, emotions and feelings as we do. Twin flames are always in continuous loving communication through their shared heart space; however when this is done consciously both twins reap the benefits. Sending love to our twin helps them wherever they are – it heals and uplifts them. Being able to remain connected like this is a divine blessing and a gift which enables the twins to assist each other’s soul growth by giving love, guidance, encouragement, strength, as well as emotional and spiritual support.

Initially, it is not easy to live with the connection once we are no longer in a “relationship” with our twin since we continue to feel each other and reflect each other’s mental, physical, emotional or spiritual states regardless. This shared vibrational frequency can certainly make us feel claustrophobic, especially when our twin suffers from mental, emotional or physical instability. We may be feeling the effects of our twin’s drinking, smoking, promiscuity, drug taking, emotional lows and much more – and it may take us years to understand this. Often we remain in this vibrational frequency out of choice; taking on our twin’s pain as if it was ours. We do this because we are, at least subconsciously, afraid that if we let go of our twin we will no longer feel them at all.

It is however only through detachment, surrender to God and connecting with our higher Self by increasing our own vibration that we are really able to perceive the benefits and endless possibilities of this connection – without the pain. Our ascension into a higher vibrational frequency will also help uplift our twin since the twins continue to be magnetised to each other. It is a divine law that what was once whole must return to wholeness – and the strongest pull is always towards the light!

Embracing our Soul

The depth of the telepathic connection with my twin has been a source of joy, wonder and also sometimes playful suspicion between me and my twin, since he has on more than one occasion reckoned that I’ve put some kind of a spell on him! Regardless of how the telepathy and its various expressions work or whether we believe this to be the work of our twin, God or the devil, feeling each other across the distance is an ESSENTIAL part in the process of becoming whole for twin flames. The reunion with the external twin can never happen without the discovery of the “twin within”, which is the complimentary energy of our twin which forms part of who we are. As long as we deny, block, undermine or doubt the truth of the energy of our twin INSIDE OUR OWN HEART, we will never be able to discover our own wholeness within.

It is therefore essential for every twin flame coupling to work on opening the conscious flow of love from the heart, since it is the energy field of the heart which connects us to our twin and others. It is only once we allow the telepathic flow of this Love into our lives through the exchange of unconditional love between us and our twin that we are able to align ourselves with the divine will and create balance within, thus radiating it outwardly through our light, awareness and well-being. Embracing our twin is embracing our own Soul – and life itself.

Originally published on The Mirror of My Soul

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