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Your Life Path Number Says A Lot About Your Personality

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by Conscious Reminder

Numerology puts great emphasis on a person’s life path number. This helps numerologists not only understand your mind but your soul and personality as well.

Your particular number dictates certain things you must do to reach your full potentials.

To find out your life path number, add all the digits of your full birthdate. 10-07-1988 would give 1+0+7+1+9+8+8=  34, add them to get the single digit of 7, which is your number.

Let’s see which number says what about you.

1. Leaders

If you were born with this digit, you are a natural leader. You have great confidence in your values and are not easily swayed. Self-employment would serve you the best. Your originality, determination, and courage are commendable but reign in your controlling self at times.

2. Mediators

2 makes you intuitive and generous. Helping others is what you seek for your happiness. While helping others is good, don’t let them treat you as a pushover. Stay balanced to remain supportive. Otherwise, you appear to be manipulative and indecisive.

3. Socializers

Born under this number gives you great powers of communication and self-expression. Writers, speakers, and actors are often number threes. You can feel like you can cure others but are deeply disappointed when you fail in this pursuit.

4. Organizers

Structure, organization, and boundaries define number fours. This also helps you stay motivated and finish your work on time. While you are loyal, you can seem dogmatic at times.

5. Freedom Seekers

Number 5s are always running from one adventure to another. Resisting authority comes to them naturally as they deny structure. Instead of settling down, these oddballs prefer a life full of adventures and uncertainties.

6. Nurturers

You prefer to focus on the bigger picture, not the minute details. You have great compassion and love artistic pursuits. Your compassion helps you give great advice as well. Control your criticizing habits at times and turn them into encouragement.

7. Seekers

If you are born under number 7, you seek the divine truth. In your pursuit of knowledge, you have learned to better analyze situations and go after the more important questions of our lives. Your pursuit may end up isolating you so try to socialize more.

8. The Go-Getters

Finances, career, and structure drive number 8s. They are disciplined and motivated but lack of supporters can demotivate them. With the proper support, they go all out and succeed.

9. Humanitarians

Number 9s are the ones who remind us of our humanity. They love to serve others in need and truly enjoy when their service makes people happy. While 9s keep helping others, they must remember to ask for help when they need it. Don’t sacrifice yourself to help others always.

So do you know your life path number yet? Does that match with your personality? Let us know in the comments!

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