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Women – The Power And Source Of Creation

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Considering women to be weaker than men, would be akin to considering mother earth not able to support us.

This is extremely prejudiced, for women are the founding stones, the founding pillars, on which our entire society, our entire existence is based on.

They form us, to be precise. Someone once said, “Behind every great man is a woman, who didn’t let him lose.”

Now while that may seem patriarchal for women are letting their dreams get squashed in favor of their men, but it also highlights how strong the women are.

Women are considered Unequal because they are not able to fully communicate what they want, and how they want.

They are independent, strong, and fierce, yet they aren’t given much value, for what they speak is always considered to be parlor talk, and not worthy of much attention.

Even though most of the blame lies with men for the blatant sexism, it is true that women need to communicate themselves better, in order to be taken seriously.

This is not a “man’s world” anymore. Women have strived ahead in several fields, and are considered better than men in most.

They need to know about their existence, and what it signifies, for they matter.

They are extremely important for the world to exist, or men would tear it down.

A sensible, cool-headed mind is needed to extinguish the egos all around.

On the other hand, the obstacles, and struggles are almost same, for women still face sexism, and harassment to this day, and people conveniently turn a blind eye to it.

Women need education in the field of psychology, sciences, and the spiritual existence of beings.

Only then, will they be able to fully comprehend what they mean to this world.

Only then will they be able to take their rightful place in society and command and respect wherever they go, and do everything a man does, probably even better.

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