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Aquarius Season 2022 Through Dates: All The Cosmic Support You Need

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by Conscious Reminder

On Jan 19th or 20th, as per your timezone, the 2022 Aquarius season will officially be upon us.

With the Sun moving into this sign, we can connect with a different side of how we express ourselves. Throughout this season, we may have new inspiring thoughts, find new perspectives, and instigate change.

This season is when we celebrate the spark within us and the way we choose to do things. We will be asked to put our beliefs to the test and make sure they align with our truths and not that of others. The 2022 Aquarius season also has quite a few cosmic goodies like the Lunar New Year.

Here are all the important dates to note down for this season:

Jan 19/20: Aquarius Season Begins

As the Sun exits Capricorn, an earth sign, and enters Aquarius, an air sign, it will help move energy towards our higher chakras away from the grounding chakras. This will let us feel firmly grounded while our minds stretch across new dimensions.

Jan 23: Sun’s Conjunct With Mercury Retrograde

On Jan 23rd, Mercury’s alignment with the Sun will symbolize its rebirth. If Mercury retrograde energy has been making itself felt in your communications, technology mishaps, etc. then you might start gaining clarity from this day onwards.

Jan 29: Venus Stations Direct

Venus has been in retrograde since Dec 19. This is one of Venusian energy’s power days. This means that we might get to know more about areas in our relationships where asserting ourselves has been difficult. Also, Venus rules our monetary connection, so the energy can be used to connect ourselves with abundance better.

Jan 31/Feb 1: Aquarius New Moon & Lunar New Year

The Lunar New Year begins with the New Moon in Aquarius, Uranus’s strong influence is stirring up a bit of volatile energy. However, whatever Uranus shakes up, it will result in an awakening. Change might be a topic during this lunation. However, this change may mean shifting out of the sticky energy of heaviness that may be present within us.

Feb 1: Year Of The Water Tiger – Chinese Astrology

The Lunar New Year is also the Chinese New Year. This year’s zodiac sign is the water tiger. Water suggests that we may have to flow along and accept whatever changes that we face. The energy of the Tiger will provide us with the courage required to sit back and go with the flow.

Feb 3: Mercury Stations Direct

The present Mercury retrograde started on Jan 14. On this day, we may find more clarity on topics that have been uncertain or foggy. Also, if there were issues regarding technology or contracts, they might finally start clearing up. However, we need to be a bit patient as it will take some time for Mercury to get back to full strength.

Feb 15: Venus Conjunct With Mars

The conjunction will happen in Capricorn. Their joining stands for balance and is a strong positive omen when it comes to romance. This energy is very calming and harmonizing. So it will be the perfect day for practicing self-care. Capricorn’s energy will also support you in communicating your feelings or servicing acts.

Feb 16: Leo Full Moon

This lunation is all about enthusiasm and optimism. We will be driven to use the year to the fullest and fuel the creative projects with what they require. The Leo Full Moon’s energy may also lead us to sought-for connections and opportunities if we share our stories.

Feb 17: Jupiter Sextile With Uranus

This planetary alignment will only happen again after 4 years. This vibration is harmonious and encourages positive change. Jupiter’s influence can make the change very prosperous and abundant. This is one of the most beautiful energies with the ability to modify our perspectives and motivate us to find more abundance.

Feb 18/19: Aquarius Season Ends

After Aquarius, the Sun will enter Pisces, the final tropical zodiac sign.

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