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You Will Find True Love When You Start Practicing Self-Love

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by Conscious Reminder

Sonya Friedman once said: “The way you treat yourself sets the standard for others.”

She couldn’t have used more accurate words. Indeed, when human beings don’t feel worthy when they are in another person’s company, then the chances that he or she is going to perceive them as worthy are low.

Self-worth lack will come with a lot of other types of negative characteristics too; usually, not having the ability to love ourselves will prevent us from having the ability to love another person in our lives.

But, there is a possibility of transforming this self-worth lack into real self-love. To do that, we have to choose how we would like to feel and judge ourselves in the same way as we judge other people, and treat ourselves in the way that we want other people to treat us.

In order to accomplish self-love, we have to be benevolent, generous and loving towards ourselves.

We have to learn how we should live our lives on our terms and conditions, and we have to learn how we should love and appreciate our lives on our own terms.

In order to be successful at such self-love, we need to have the ability to comprehend the true effect of neediness on one relationship.

When our happiness is based on the actions or company of our partner, then our needs of gaining approval are going to interfere with our genuine needs in our relationship, which usually throw a wrench in lasting romance.

Forming part of loving relationships has to be comfortable and exciting, and something which every human being would like to experience. Still, when we are in a relationship with a partner that is needy will be more usually exhausting and irritating.

To experience a comfortable and exciting relationship, both of us have to appreciate each other. Indeed, even the people who are most selfless have to be selfish in different regards every day.

We also need to know how self-love looks like when we would like to try self-love ourselves. Self-love represents talking about, thinking about, and also doing things which we are passionate about, or things which inspire us.

It is actually choosing to devote our energy and time to other people who encourage, support, or motive us to excel and progress.

But, it is also owning our words, actions, and thoughts, and standing right behind them regardless of what happens.

Self-love is about being brave enough to conquer some old fear or experience some new things. It is even being wise, in order to nourish our mind, soul, and body.

Self-love means accepting ourselves and respecting ourselves enough so that we could be completely unique. Self-love is realizing that our lives are Universal gifts and that their meanings are to “live.”

Moreover, self-love is said to be electromagnetic – the compatible counterparts are going to be drawn toward us naturally, and we are going to accept those counterparts naturally, and even hold them next to us.

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