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Tonight, May 15th, Mars Enters Intuitive Cancer – Control Your Emotions

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by Fiona Edgar
Contributing Author, Conscious Reminder

Tonight, Mars will enter intuitive Cancer where it will transit until July the 1st. Mars is the planet of drive, energy, sex, war and ambitions and it isn’t entirely comfortable in watery Cancer, but this shouldn’t be a difficult transit as long as we keep control of our emotions.

We may become more passive aggressive than openly combative unless we feel very threatened by something. People around us may seem to be easily hurt so it’s best to be gentle with our loved ones. We may become more defensive over the things that we see as belonging to us such as relationships, children, property and anything to do with the home. We should remember that being assertive is healthy and we should try to speak out rather than keeping our emotions bottled up as we might explode later. We may pour more energy into our homes during this transit and prefer to spend free time there, rather than going out.

Conflict may arise over emotional issues but we will deal with it with more compassion than normal and we’ll seem to have an intuitive understanding of our loved ones’ needs. Cancer people have a reputation for being passive but they become ferocious if something threatens their partners, friends or family, like a Mother bear protecting her cubs. Globally, we should expect to see more countries putting an emphasis on home security, rather than conflict abroad.

The Moon, which is the ruler of cancer, changes signs every two and a half days, so our Mars related activities may be prone to more ups and downs and it’s best to remain flexible. We should listen to our intuition as it’ll be stronger than normal and our sex lives may become more loving and intimate during this period.

Mars makes some difficult aspects to other planets during its journey through Cancer. On May 23rd, the planet makes a firey square to Chiron in Aries. We’re likely to experience some arguments with others on this day, with conflict arising out of nowhere. We should try to keep calm and avoid being overly sensitive. On June 14th, Saturn opposes Mars and we may experience issues with authority figures and our plans may be blocked in some way. On June 20th, Mars opposes Pluto and we’ll feel strongly motivated to reach our goals and we may be in competition with powerful people.

Source: scorpiomoonkarmicastrology.com

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