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Finding Humor In The Most Troubling Times Can Help You Heal

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by Conscious Reminder

Life is never a bed of roses, and finding humor in the most troubling times can actually be a boon to people.

Every day, we come across several situations that make us anxious, angry, or sad. The human mind is not able to handle every single emotion equally well. Hence we lash out at things that seem out of our control.

But this comes to a standstill when we search for something humorous in the entire ordeal. For, humor can truly help us deal with such emotions or situations better. Humor can keep us from surrendering to massive failures or sinking deeper into depression.

When these troubling times come a-knocking, a person who can find the lighter side of things, even in the dark, would be able to cope with it more pragmatically.

At the end of the day, they understand that certain things are beyond the control of an individual. Certain circumstances ought to be left alone just the way they are.

Finding humor is also a sure-fire way of acknowledging that one is still in search of wisdom, and is still growing. When you become arrogant enough to consider everything your fault, that is when you mess up.

You believe that you have a certain amount of control over how the situation could transpire, and its failure is your failure. But that is not how it is- humans are barely in control of their circumstances, and it takes everything to not blame ourselves for failure.

Remember, it isn’t always about finding humor that is funny. Sometimes situations put us on something dark, and dank. And even then one can find humor which is not so cheery-chirpy. But that humor helps us understand the absurdity of life.

When we find humor in death, it helps us realize our own mortality. We understand that, as humans, there is nothing we should take personally when it doesn’t take long for us to be buried deep in the earth.

Death, life, creation- only humor can go beyond the apparent ‘realities’ of life, to find these realities turn into absolute facades.

Sometimes humor helps one understand their own mistakes. Imagine being in love, and getting your heart broken time and time again. Would you still want to be a part of that love? After 5 years, no. But then? Yes, absolutely. And this realization after 5 years is going to be humorous.

Sometimes humor helps us understand that we need not take ourselves that seriously. At the end of it, does it really matter? We will die in some years, and then our memories would be the only thing left of us. And do we really want our memories to be besmirched by the image of us being pompous, self-righteous idiots? Definitely not.

Search for humor in every situation. Not only will it allow you to observe everything with a morbid fascination, but it will also give you enough time to formulate a coherent statement that will help you out.

I reiterate- we are not going to be alive forever. But this also means that we shouldn’t spend so much time thinking about things, or taking offense to things that aren’t worth much. Laugh, live and be happy.

Laughter, jokes, and roasts have always been the way to go. And in troubling times of global crisis, it is all we can do to cheer ourselves, as well as our close ones.

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