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Are You Being Guided By Your Intuition Or Fear?

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

We have all experienced the jittery nerves and rush of excitement that comes along with a new relationship.

However as the love grows, we also get attacked by questions about the future of the relationship and such other issues. However, the main question is, do these doubts arise out of intuition or fear? Moreover, how do we differentiate intuition from fear?

Both fear and intuition guide us through the complicated journey of life. They steer us towards the directions we should go by helping us with each decision making opportunities we face throughout the day. However they do it in separate ways. While intuition gives us both the options ‘yes’ and ‘no’, fear only makes us say ‘no’.

Intuition appears as a flash only in the present moment, mostly as a physical sensation like a ‘gut feeling’. It fades away as fast as it comes and doesn’t offer any concrete answer, but it makes you feel sure.

Fear also comes to you similarly but the difference is fear isn’t gentle. It’s painful, cruel, repetitive and detailed. Fear digs up the past and messes with the future. It activates brain’s amygdala, which is a sensor to help us stay safe.

Amygdala activation leads to three responsive choices: fight, flight or freeze. It also limits activity in the prefrontal cortex where all logical reasoning takes place, so that all our brain capacity can be utilized to carry out the instinctual response.

Fear also activates the sympathetic nervous system that releases hormones like adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol that raises heart rate, increases blood pressure, constricts blood vessels, dilates pupils and basically prepares us for battle.

Fear makes us tremble and anxious because of these hormonal reactions. It prevents us from thinking calmly and rationally.

Fear is helpful as it keeps us safe but most of the time our fears are all consuming, threatening our lives rather than helping us. If you can identify it, then it’s okay. However we often mistake fear for intuition, and that is really dangerous.

To channel your intuition instead of fear, you need to calm your amygdala down through several ways like sleep, exercise etc.

Here’s a list that you can try:

1. Deep breathing

Oxygen alerts the amygdala that there’s no need for the alarm. It frees us the prefrontal cortex and a feeling of safety washes over you.

2. Be optimistic

By being optimistic you will reduce the stress hormone cortisol and calm the amygdala. Optimistic folks are more creative and can solve problems faster. Try to learn the habit of staying positive.

3. Learn to be grateful

Gratitude challenges and wins over fear any day. Make a list of things you’re thankful for each day. It will slowly reduce your fears.

To channel your intuition do the things that make you happy, switches on your creative mode and makes you feel strong, confident and safe.

It’s a change that will take some time to happen properly. But keep easing yourself into a receptive state, so that you can feel your intuition clearly.

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