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Expect An Emotion-Infused Full Blue Moon On May 18th: Focus On What’s Important

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

It would be absolutely amazing to have an emotional purge, would it not? Well, it is needless to say one is very much overdue. More so since we have had to reshape so many crucial things in our very foundations.

One purge is definitely coming our way, thanks to the Full Moon of Scorpio in May of 2019. This will make us all dive into the dark, deep waters of mysterious Scorpio.

The zodiac of Scorpio is bound to bring a tipping point for our emotions. Scorpio brings in drama, stirring up the inherent responses that we try to hide so hard. This Full Moon might also bring about extremes and a release fit during the lunar eclipse.

All of this is caused due to the fact that the 2019 Full Moon of Scorpio is tangoing with Pluto, the ruler of Scorpio. Now you might know Pluto is the celestial agent of unstoppable change as well the warden of the veiled.

This interaction with the Sun of Taurus has put us in moments of becoming like the rising Phoenix lately. If the surge of evolution has taken a backseat, then take a moment and think about your own self at this point in time.

Take time to see how it is different from the last year. Think of the differences from last month, and even last week!

This Full Moon of Scorpio is all about purging all of the emotions to reach a point of nothingness and then building afresh from there.

This process does not necessarily need to be painful. It does not need to have tears involved. Although both remain possibilities. This event can lead to a deepened sense of intimacy, and candor. This spring cleaning of our minds will certainly lead to the reconstruction of our minds for the better.

What do you think is rotting in the emotional part of you? This cleanup can be an agent of much-needed change for you, but only if you let it. The outreach of this Full Moon to the conjunction of Capricorn is a good way to let go of constructs we are still grabbing by the hair.

Pour out all the negativity that you are harboring inside you. Flush them out of yourself. Things like betrayal, hate, blame, apparent fears and resentments need to be gone.

You must apply the same principle to reactions to any present incidents. All the prior reference points are now dead. A lot that has continuously defined our reality is now gone. This new horizon is not the same as it was, it is a wasteland of rubble.

Continuing to strive on is a hard task. We can certainly do with a break, a time of slipping into bed (or anywhere cozy) and indulge in the stripping away of our “adult selves”.

We have reached ground zero of our emotions, we have been shaken up and broken. We have faced the unexpected, and adjusted to it all. Values, money, relationships, and desires are pivotal to this point in time. Not just because they’re on the Scorpio/Taurus axis, but for the reasons just mentioned.

The Goddess of what we value and desire, Venus is vibrating due to the touch of electrifying Uranus. Uranus is the celestial bringer of liberation, awakening, radical change, and unpredictability.

This is echoing in every direction possible, which is why there are so many changes around us. There are changes happening in monetary terms as well as our relationships. Which in turn are altering our expressions and experience as well as the things we are trying so hard to hold on to.

It is futile to try and stop this. Nothing will stop its march forward.

All we should do is take a deep breath and let it happen. We will be real beneficiaries of it in the long run. Just let go of the trash and treasure the valuables. Let the universe help you.

Embrace the change this season, won’t you?

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