5 Signs That Your Friend Might Be A Fake One

by Conscious Reminder

We have all heard of fair-weather friends. People who want to be our friends when we are enjoying a brief stint of success but would turn their backs on us the moment we need help.

These people would be very warm and benevolent towards you when they are first introduced, but you would later find them sniveling their way out of a bill or a movie ticket.

Here are some signs that would prove that you have a fake friend.

1. People-pleasers

They would flatter you till the sunsets. They would praise every little thing about you and while it would be very pleasing initially, it would turn annoying pretty fast.

They would always side with your opinions, however wrong you may be. Truth be told, they won’t be doing it out affection for you but because they want to rise the ranks.

2. Abhor Questions About Themselves

A phony friend would always deflect any probe towards their own life. They don’t want it to come around in social circles and you would never find them in a game of ‘Truth and Dare’.

At first, it might come off as mysterious and thrilling- you would soon feel that it smells fishy.

3. Go Over-Board While Giving Gifts

They would splurge you on a few occasions, bringing forth notable gifts that would definitely put them on your mind.

Again, this is not out of love for you as a person but because they realize that you would feel indebted to them for such a great gift and naturally help them out when in need. And they will need you quite a lot of times after that.

4. Respect Power

Not necessarily a bad thing, but if one tends to be a moth to a flame when in the vicinity of power, they are opportunistic people.

They are someone who would discard everything they once held dear in their struggle to attract power. And that is not only a self-debilitating behavioral instinct, it also makes them untrustworthy and phony.

5. Attention Seekers

They like being the center of attention, for any and all reasons. They would hog the spotlight and would stoop to any level to ensure that all eyes are on them, as long as it doesn’t delve into their personal lives. They would lie, steal and rob, if it suits their purposes of being in the spotlight.

So, do you know someone like that? We bet you do. Maybe it’s time to get rid of them.

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