Do You Think You Might Be In A Relationship With A Narcissist

by Conscious Reminder

A narcissistic person is the one that has extreme senses of entitlement and blames other people for the problem he or she has, manipulates others and is not empathic.

Narcissists can abuse others mentally, physically, financial, as well as spiritually or sexually.

How to know if you are in a relationship with a narcissist? These are the five common ways to discover that:

1. They are emotionally insecure.

Narcissistic people are enormously insecure and react to even the smallest things which an average person will not get annoyed about. They are extremely over-sensitive. Such insecurities can be quite extreme so they can provoke unbelievable jealousy, as well as envy which cannot be relieved.

It is not important who of the people in your life is a narcissist – surely, you are going to experience the insecurities within them painfully, in some kind of accusations which are directed only at you. Also, taking everything out on someone else is simply something which such people do.

2. They possess inexplicable sense of entitlement.

Narcissists usually believe that they deserve privilege over other people. With their extreme sense of entitlement, they push the limits of people without any hesitation and struggle to reach everything they can in that way. Without any conscience, a narcissistic individual is going to throw everything under the bus when it is time to collect, which includes their family or friends.

Growing up in such a family is going to constitute the person’s standard version and vision of life.

3. They constantly argue about the same thing.

This is probably the best way to identify such individuals – how they argue. The mechanism of defense of these people ranges from manipulative to displaying downright nasty, as well as out of the limits behavior. Actually, these are the most common tactics among such people, and their expressions are repeated words which seem uncanny. Before you even realize what happens during such conversations, you can feel quite traumatized and anxious, and you will think that you are going crazy.

4. They are pathological liars.

Narcissists often act out various scripts of ‘who’ they would want to be. These lies will start at the beginning of the relationship, as lying is just one piece of their character. What is more, they believe in their lies, and that is the reason why they will usually convince you.

There are a lot of narcissists that are leading double lives. Also, they often break the rules and subvert authority. Because of their lies, falseness, as well as deception connected with their behavior, regardless of how successful his or her life looks, search more in-depth and you can find a lot of disasters which wait to strike.

5. Blaming other people for their own problems.

Simply, these people accuse others of everything that happens in their life, even though it was their own fault. A lot of people stay in such a relationship and suffer this type of abuse trying to prove their partner, the narcissistic one, that it was not their fault. Furthermore, some other important individuals in your life are going to believe your partner narcissist.

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