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The Spiritual Significance of January’s New Moon In Aquarius

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by Conscious Reminder

Although the year is new, the retrograde of Mercury, as well as Mars, could be putting a damper on the spirit.

They could be pacing your flow down- even if you might not have felt it yet. Nevertheless, the good news is in store for you as the retrogrades seem to have passed, and all that awaits you is the year’s first New Moon.

This will take place on the 21st of January, and it would be necessary for everyone to get ready and herald the spirit of this New Moon- as it will lead to us finally taking charge of our lives for this year.

Since a New Moon always inaugurates the year’s lunar cycle, it is always important to start something new during this period. This is also why most of us feel the need to begin our projects in this period.

Since this New Moon also falls in the air of Aquarius, it would also imply that we would be letting the wildest and most unconventional ideas in our heads out. We could also establish a future that would align with who we indeed are.

This lunar moment will also be offering all the zodiac signs a fresh perspective on things. We would be slowly discarding our previous beliefs and instilling a modern worldview. One absolutely needs to utilize most of this month. 

Significance Of The New Moon In January

With the Moon and the Sun joining forces in the field of Aquarius, it is high time that we understand that this New Moon is all about getting rid of the old and archaic beliefs and writing a completely new rulebook that we would follow.

The energy of Aquarius is all about causing a rebellion, and it is extremely unconventional- almost enough to get us out of our seats and then indulge in our wildest ideas that we have kept hidden for ages.

The energy from this sign will also make us curious about humanitarian causes- so don’t be surprised if you start immersing in charitable work. The vibe will also dim the emotional vibes that you might give out, so you will be able to think objectively and make decisions from an objective standpoint. 

During this New Moon, the luminaries will be completely bound with Pluto, which is power-hungry. This should make it quite an important point for us to start diving into shadow work. Since the New Moon also has connections with Jupiter and Mars, your goals will get some serious traction that will help you reach them.

So you should let the auspicious energy from the Moon guide you toward your heart as you march on to the rhythm of the beat you create. There are situations when you might be pitted against established norms but use your own volition to differentiate yourself from what is expected. You will have to honor the real truth- so that you know in your heart what’s right. 

There are moments when the Moon and the Sun will be joined in Aquarius by Saturn and Venus- which would also focus on conjunction. With the entire romance angle in play, you might just find yourself getting more committed to areas of romance or even moving into a stage of your relationship which could be construed as serious by your partner.

It would also be prudent for you to stay true to your values and your fabulous self. This would make it easier for you to ground yourself in reality. 

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